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One thing I know for sure is you can prosper right now, in this economy. No matter the doom and gloom you may be seeing, hearing about, or reading about, there has never been a time like this where it is easier for the every day woman to breakout into wealth and riches than in this year and in this season.

Right in this very hour, women all over the country are stepping up, stepping in and securing abundance. That’s because there’s a new wealth economy and a piece of the world waiting for you to show up and claim.

It’s the reason so many women are searching for “wealth help” in this season. They are finding themselves in our tribe and it’s time you secure your piece of the unlimited wealth that’s available to you.

I know there is some stigma and anxiety around wealth and a lot of noise out there competing for your attention. I’m sure you’ve seen it online, heard about it in the news, and you may have chosen to excuse yourself all together. 

Here are three ways that you can cure that anxiety, safely get in the game and get on track to riches. 

1. List your money goals

What is it that you need funds for? Write a list of 25-things you need wealth for right now.

Many times people fall short of hitting their significant money goals because their WHY isn’t big enough nor have they listed what they need the increase for. That WHY is loaded with purpose and is supposed to be strong enough and meaningful enough to carry you through and pull your forward. So scripting your money goals should be a routine activity. Don’t let up on this.

When you write down what will you do with the money once you have it, it will then begin to manifest for you. Are you looking take care of some things for your children? Maybe you want to pursue more travel? Do you need more spa days? A new roof? A new wardrobe? Are you looking to clear off some debts? Write down what you want money for right now. Rewrite it and revisit it often.

This exercise is life changing. It cures anxiety about having wealth and will put you back on track. We do this all the time in our offices, with our clients and it keeps us motivated and in manifestation mode.

2. Calculate your dream life

Oftentimes what can be holding up our wealth from finding us is a lack of knowledge. Simply put, have you counted up the cost? Have you calculated what it really takes to get to the life you really want to live?

Try this exercise: Make a top 10 list goals list of things you really want to do, buy or experience, and then input the costs to the goal. You don’t have to have the exact costs down to the dollar, but make your list so that you at least have a ballpark estimate of what it costs to live like you want to live. This gives you a realistic estimate of what it really costs to rise up and live your dream life.

What does it look and feel like? Aside from the finances, what else will be required to make your dream goals a reality? Do you need favor? An introduction? Knowledge? Other resources? All of these details are key in counting up the cost. When you start having clarity around your goals that’s when the money starts rolling in. Opportunities for your increase will begin happening. Once you know what you need and what you need the money for, you can start expecting breakthrough solutions and even surprise money to show up for you just to backfill and fund your desires! 

3. Rise up to riches

Simply put, get in the game! Refuse to excuse yourself from participating in this new wealth economy. There is too much money to be made and you should be taking part in it. Do not cancel or delay your dreams because of the times we’re in. We are in one of the biggest wealth transfers in history. New money is emerging. New kinds of businesses and technology are all coming on the scene. Don’t let news and fear throw you off of your dreams. 

You are supposed to be a recipient of the wealth transfer. But for that to happen, you have to get involved. I have a very high commission and WHY to create millionaires this year—from the ladies that coach with me in The Women & Wealth Club to my top level clients. No longer is it taking years to show up. But this is the year and season where it can happen for you in months, and for some in minutes. It’s happening right before our very eyes and right in our coaching circles. 

My friend, there are so many ways for you to become wealthy, right now. Now is the time to script your dreams, count up the cost and get them in the game. 

If you need some support with this, my team and I are ready to equip you. If you have big money on your mind or big dreams of becoming a millionaire or billionaire, you’re going to have to fuse a connection. If you’re ready to take the first step, then I’ll meet you half way and take you by the hand. Just click this link: MakeMoneyNow.Cash. We’re going to fully equip you to market your brand, yourself and build the wealth you’ve been wanting.

As always, I love hearing from you. Follow theses three steps and watch a manifestation and breakthrough happen for you. As you do, leave a comment for me below and let me know what you’ve been manifesting. I would love to hear from you and cheer you on!

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  • Jamelle Sanders March 25, 2022, 10:29 AM

    Dr. Stacia this is so powerful! We are literally in an extraordinary time and being postured for this great wealth transfer is so key.