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3 Ways Action Breeds Clarity

Yesterday I spent the entire day writing … I had to force myself to sit still and write. I had a list of writing projects I wanted to finish immediately, so I cleared my schedule and locked myself in my office and got busy. The funny thing about writing is that it doesn’t always feel productive. For me (unless it’s a book project), it’s more of a preparation task needed so I can take action on my pending projects. And with all the pending projects, I’m often thinking of what needs to be done. Writing is a thinking kind of action and sometimes it can feel like I’m not doing enough! My biggest challenge was stopping myself from wanting to get up and out, but I was determined to finish so I silenced my mind and got focused—and finished.

Another one of my “Thinking Actions” is thinking and meditating on my future. Sometimes your key action step needs to be: pause and reflect, so that you can stay focused on your vision and hit your goal targets. Even with a full calendar, I schedule think tank days to meditate on my future. During this time, I look through my Millionaire’s Dream Book and see myself fulfilling my goals. This one incredible action step of thinking and meditating with my Dream Book has helped me to seize the right opportunities, and manifest my dream life. It would seem like with all the busy-ness, I would lose sight of my goals, but because I’m working according to a plan, all this action is breeding more and more clarity!

This led me to share with you my secret of taking action that breeds more clarity! My experience has been that it’s better to do something rather than nothing at all. So taking action quickly and consistently can help you gain more clarity on achieving your goals.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s certainly a time for thinking, meditation, planning and writing … but you can’t get stuck there. When you are done, you have to get up and get busy. All the answers don’t come while you’re sitting around … they will come once you start taking action and figuring it all out along the way.

So, here’s a boost to get you going full speed at getting the success you desire.

3 Ways Action Breeds Clarity


1. We Learn By Doing
Don’t sit on your ideas because you don’t know how to do it right or perfectly … Just go ahead and do it! I didn’t know how to create my own perfume, but I knew I wanted it … So I started with a name, then a logo and look.

Then I bought several perfumes to figure out my perfect scent. I also read books on perfume creation, perfume notes and what different fragrances mean. Next came the marketing plan: how to sell, who would buy, a price point, etc. Then I found a chemist who led me to a factory— which led to creation! Now I have my very own Inspire parfume!

I learned what to do as I moved forward with action, and as the days went by I gained more and more clarity! What are you sitting on? Is it a business you want to launch, a book you want to write or a product you want to produce? Whatever it is … decide to take action today. Ask yourself what is the smallest action I can take right now to yield results? Start there, and step-by-step … move forward.

Action Packed To-Do List to Get You Going…

  • Write out a plan
  • Get books on your topic
  • Hire help
  • Get a coach or a mentor
  • Research
  • Visualize your outcome

Do something right now that is action oriented!

2. We Leap When We Listen

Who’s pushing you to take action? When I see people winning, I know they’re listening and learning from successful others all the time. They’re in an environment that keeps them with an edge. When I see people losing, it’s usually because they have made the terrible mistake of thinking they can do it all by themselves. These are usually people who either have cut off valuable relationships with inspiring leaders or are too hesitant to make the right connection with inspiring leaders.

You must keep listening to star people who inspire you; that’s why coaching is so valuable. I’ve seen my clients take huge leaps while coaching with me; then I’ve seen just a few stall their progress by getting out of coaching. Unfortunately, in many cases, they get sidetracked, seeking advice from their peers and novices who all lack the ability to help them go higher.

Who you listen to determines how big you leap! You can’t grow with your peer acting as your coach. You must be pulled into your future by someone much farther along than you are, who has experience and knowledge that you don’t have. You have an amazing ability to do the extraordinary—you were created to create! You can pull off outstanding ventures if you keep company with action-oriented individuals! One conversation with them can cause you advancement, achievement and spark your ambition to succeed.

My 30-Day Entrepreneur’s Makeover Kit changed one of my friend’s life. she bought the kit at the Women’s Success Conference and began to listen to it the day after she arrived home. The first day, she went to the coffee house with a journal to be alone and take in action step #1. She continued going to the coffee house for the next 30 days to listen to the kit and something amazing happened…

While listening, she said each day it was like having her coach right there with her! She took action on the daily assignments and began to get more clarity about her passions, purpose and what she really wanted to pursue as a career. Then she began to take actions that led her right into her new career as a celebrity assistant. 

Now she’s pursuing her passion, making more money than ever before and building a name for herself as a top-notch assistant in the industry. Her clients love her and she comes highly recommended.  She even got me booked with one of the top photographers in the nation! Having invested in the 30-day coaching program and being committed to listening and taking action caused her to leap into her dream career!

 Take Action Now!

  Gather your listening tools. Get inspired by CDs, programs, talks, seminars and start listening to business leaders who will cause you to leap.
Get in the company of greatness. Set lunch dates with people whose conversations will cause you to leap! I had lunch with someone who paid me $5,000 for two hours. They left with a $75,000 idea that really turned into a profit of much more.
Brainstorm with optimistic people that have ideas that will cause you to leap into action.
Get into a coaching program: One of my Millionaire Mentorship Club members, Rheami, wrote me yesterday and said,“Thank you for pushing us to meet with another industry leader. Because of you, I’m excited to be moving from dreaming to action. I want to stay very connected to you—and I’m excited to make real money!”  I was excited when I got this, because I knew I had caused her and her husband to leap! … And that’s what I live for…to inspire people to leap and live big! Coaching is the catalyst to help you make big advancements and big money! 

3. We Leverage What We Love To Do 

In order to profit from your passion, you have to turn your dreams into action steps. I dreamed of having a jewelry line that had all unique pieces that upscale, fashion-forward women would like. But it was just a dream with no real clarity until I actually began the practices of putting together a jewelry line. Once I started the ball rolling, I easily came up with the name StyleShoppe.com … and soon after that, I had the sales strategy, the packaging, the promotion and the grand plan! Fast-forward 6 years later, and now www.StyleShoppe.com is a six-figure income business. I learned how to leverage the love of accessorizing into a viable enterprise! Here are a few powerful steps you can take to leverage what you love, take action and gain clarity!

  • Create a passion profile.
    List your loves, your intent and your long-lost desires. What makes you joyful? What can you get lost doing for hours? What really makes you happy? Put your true authentic dreams down here with no worries about what others think.
  • Write a list of all the ideas that have come to you…or that are coming to you right now… that you haven’t taken action on.
    If you could only see how much money you are literally sitting on by not taking action on your ideas! Most people sit on ideas waiting for more and more clarity before they conquer!
  • Gather and get going fast!
    Take a class, get informed, read a book, get knowledge, take a walk, get wisdom, talk to inspired others, get motivated! Actions create momentum!

Get into action today and watch how much clarity you’ll have!

Enjoy every step of the process as you go–and grow your entrepreneurial enterprise. I want to hear about your success story…leave a comment below, post it on my Facebook page or email me at [email protected]

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