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I truly believe we’re living in a season that is unlike any that we’ve ever seen. New technology is being introduced daily…the kind that is shifting the way our global society moves, operates, and produces wealth. It’s a season where making just a few of the right moves can cause you to break into massive abundance very quickly, but opting out of the shift can cause you to become obsolete overnight.

This great wealth transfer has reached a high point, and thanks to my manifestation process so far, my clients and I are seeing dream after dream come true. Dreams and goals that would normally take months and years have been crossed off my bucket list within days and weeks—at a rate like I’ve never seen.

There is truly something special about this season. That means it’s time for you to tap-in again and learn the new ways of wealth building so that you can prepare yourself for an outpouring of abundance.

Aren’t you ready to stop dreaming about abundance and shift to just having it?

Well…I’ll let you in on a little secret… 

There comes a moment where God shows up with a solution to your prayers. It often comes in the form of a connection, an opportunity, an invitation to invest—and often presented as work. But right on the other side of your “YES” and fast action is the breakthrough you’ve always been looking for. But are you prepared to recognize it? If you miss it, you could be passing up your miracle moment.

Simply put, manifesting a life you’ll love is easiest when you stay ahead of the game, recognize the best new opportunities, and take advantage of them at the right time. But that also involves striking the right connection with the right people at the right time so that you don’t miss your divine moment.

Here are my 3-secrets to manifesting a life you’ll love…

1. Dream again so that you can prosper again.

There is a direct relationship between your dreams, goals and fast action that you want to be aware of. Prosperity shows up to fund your plans and your dreams. There is never a dream birthed inside of you, or a divine opportunity presented to you without there also being a present way for you to achieve it or a means to fund it.

When you’re running with that dream and intentional on making it happen, everything in your world conspires to help you make it happen. So run with your dreams because increase is attracted to big plans intentional movement.

But let’s look at this formula in reverse: If there is no dream then you don’t need prosperity!

Bottom line, if you can’t dream big, then you can’t prosper big.

So never downsize your ambitions because of circumstances or because of the times that we’re living in. When you downsize your dreams, you only downsize your progress—you downsize your momentum—and by default, the favor that’s be available to you…You downsize who you are supposed to become.

So as an action item, start by opening up your Success Journal and fill in those 101 goals again. Rewrite some of them daily. Take an inspired action on them.

We will not always be in this season that we’re in.

You are created to dream and prosper and your ability to do so is directly linked to your ability to bream big.

2. Play it out in your minds’ eye

See it. Script it. Secure it. 

Think of one good thing that you really want to manifest. Anything at all! It can be a new promotion, a deal approval, or even a new connection.

What does your best life look like?…the life that you love?

Visualize yourself in the manifested scenario as if it all happened for you successfully. See it in your minds eye. Put yourself in the scene. How does it feel to now have accomplished your biggest task? Closed your biggest deal? To be driving your dream car? To see the 5, 6 or 7 figure bank balance from your bonus? Really connect to and feel the happy feelings that it brings!

Now, “rewind” the scene and replay the story to yourself. How did the full manifestation occur? Where did you show up? What did you do to secure the victory? 

Play it out in your minds-eye.

See the entire scene played out in your minds eye first like an episode to a T.V. show, and then write it down. If you can see it, you can manifest it.  

This is one of the main techniques I teach to my clients because this kind of solitude helps you to transform your thinking, manifest winning moves and catapult your entire life overall. As you are seeing it and writing it, trust that you’re creating it! 

Something amazing happens when you script what you “see”. As you write, you are locking in the vision and the winning moves in your heart and subconscious while training yourself to manifest the big win.

That’s why what’s written is real. 

3. Connect with those who have your answers

If you really want a year that rocks, you’ll need to connect with the right people. Your life is the sum total of your 5 closest friends. You need to surround yourself with winners.  Associate higher.

Pray for divine connections. Ask for the right relationships to manifest in your life.

Connect with us in our Dream Life Manifestation Masterclass that just launched this week! We’ll be sharing every strategy required to manifest your dream life…the life that you’ll love!

Your next level always requires that you connect with someone who is much more successful than you are, so that you can learn what it takes to reach that new level. Associating higher may be uncomfortable but it is always profitable.

But do you really need to keep investing higher? Well here’s the test…

If 2024 has rolled around and you are pretty much in the same space; with the same income, and the same issues as in 2023 or even worse you’ve gone backwards, it’s time to invest in yourself and get some help. Help is calling you. The truth is, you always need someone that’s been where you are to show you how to get to where you want to be.

When you connect and invest in high level relationships—with those who have your solution, you 100X the rate at which you see prosperity flow into your life. 

As always, I love hearing from you! If you’ve decided that 2024 is your BIG breakthrough year…share with me in the comments below. I want to hear about it and celebrate you!

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