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3 Things You Can Expect When You Attend The Ultimate Success Tour Virtual Experience

Can one “aha” moment really cause your entire financial situation to shift in an instant?..and cause you to start manifesting abundance immediately?


I’m convinced that one experience, one conversation, and just one connection can set your entire life on course for success in business and all that you do. I’ve seen it happen so many times in my life and in the lives of my clients. And The Virtual Success Tour is one of those divine online destinations where it can all happen for you suddenly.

That’s why this year, our tour theme is Manifesting Outrageous Abundance. 

It’s the place where you can come one way and begin manifesting a permanent state of being prosperous—where you have multiple streams of income and money starts coming to you easily and effortlessly. And Ariana and I are so ready to share these secrets with you.

Here are three things you can expect when you attend the Ultimate Success Tour Virtual Experience:

1. Expect divine answers, insights and ideas to flow

Early last year when we were planning the tour and had to pivot to delivering on a virtual setting, I scripted in my journal that I wanted this tour to be our best yet. Even though we couldn’t meet in-person at a physical location, I still wanted people to show up, and experience the same high energy, big “aha” moments and the same feeling as they would normally experience in-person. I wanted them to walk away with content, information and an authentic experience that could change their lives immediately. 

And that’s exactly what happened.

While listening to the sessions last year, one attendee and her 14-year old daughter daughter wrote an intention to manifest $10,000 in under 30-days. They had no clue how they were going to manifest it, nor did they have a business or a product to leverage. But their belief and expectations were high! That same day, her 14-year old daughter came up with an idea to create face masks out of store bought fabric and sell them online. What happened next was one order turned into 100, and 100 turned into bulk orders.

They met their $10,000 goal right at the 30-day mark, and exactly as they wrote it down.

That same kind of thing can happen for you suddenly when you show up with high expectancy and belief!

They said it was the fastest they had ever reached a goal. Being in the session raised their level of expectation and confidence in her ability to generate abundance, which caused them to have immediate manifestation.

You may be wondering, how can someone manifest something so quickly?

It’s because when you are in an environment of high expectation with high value information, mind shifts start to happen…mental barriers that block success are broken and ideas for increase begin to flow to you immediately. 

At the tour, we expose the self-imposed barriers that keep you from your money…we minimize the fear and help you embrace the belief that everything you want, wants you too. No one can stop what’s yours!

When you start to believe that…the possibilities are endless!

2. Expect a sudden breakthrough

It never takes long to have a quick turnaround when you have everything you need to succeed and that’s what we will provide you with at the tour. We’re going to share with you the secrets to upgrading your thinking so you can immediately blast past any mental barriers keeping you from your greatest success.

Sometimes you don’t realize that you need the kind of mindset shift that can only happen when you submerge yourself in an atmosphere of learning, inspiration and joy. When you meet us online, you’ll experience a surge of creativity and an explosion of ideas that can change your situation right away. In fact, in our session last year, one attendee wrote a list of 15 money-making ideas and took action on a few of them and made money before the session was over!

Mindset is everything. We’re going to equip you with the latest must-have information, the new rules of money, and resources and tools that you can use right away and start profiting instantly!

3. Expect to manifest abundance right where you are

One of the biggest fears for most people is that they won’t manifest a financial breakthrough because they don’t have a business. Or for fear that they’re too young, or too old, or made too many mistakes. Remember the mother and daughter’s $10,000 manifestation story? You don’t have to be in business to reap the benefits. All you need is a heartfelt desire to want to do better, become more and make a difference – and we will take it from there.

Do you have potential money ideas but don’t know how to make them profitable? Start with us at the Virtual Success Tour.

Whether you’ve been in business for years and ready to level up or you’re at the idea stage – we’ll help you with what to do next. 

From the moment you tune in, you’ll feel loved, rejuvenated and empowered when you leave.

This is your divine moment to manifest outrageous abundance. Accept it. Embrace it. Show up for it.

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