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Even in times of crisis, where things may seem uncertain, you still deserve financial freedom. Even when money may seem harder and harder to come by, it’s still present. It’s still in circulation. And there is a portion available to you.

You still deserve to be in a position where you can live how you want to live, drive how you want to drive and have all of the abundance you desire, no matter the times.

But did you know your very conversations are a driving factor in you having money or pushing it away from you? Money responds to your mentality and to your words. So what have you been saying about money lately? What money conversations have you been having all week? Or all of your life?

As an example, did you grow up hearing…

* Money doesn’t grow on trees.

* We can’t afford that.

* It doesn’t take all that.

* No one needs all that money!

* That’s just too much!

* I can’t take all of these bills!

* We’re broke.

* No- we’re not getting that, money is too hard to come by!

All of these phrases are really vocalized beliefs about money that can create deeply rooted mental blocks which tend to come up periodically to sabotage your success.

I have a client who followed my coaching program to the tee and experienced success in her business very quickly. Within a few months she nearly doubled her clientele and had quite a surge in her income. After sharing her testimony with me on how well the program was working for her, she began to break down. “What if I can’t maintain this? Maybe I shouldn’t have done things so quickly- what if I lose everything? It CANNOT be this easy to make money!”

I recognized right away that this conversation was based in fear and her mental money blocks were speaking. She was a hard worker who had diligently put in the effort to succeed at her business. Once she combined her work ethic with my coaching systems she quickly attracted new levels of success. So during one of her VIP sessions with me we began to talk more about mindset and the hurt, fears and bad memories associated with lack in her childhood. After a few tears and a very candid session we demolished her money blocks and today several years later she brings in over six figures.

And now, I want to get you into position so that it starts flowing to YOU and not away from you. So here are 3 Money Conversations you need to be having in 2022.

1. The “Money is Coming” Conversation

If you’ve ever attended one of my business mastermind lock-in sessions, then you can attest to the number of money conversations we have in-house. We infuse our group with so much belief that they emerge ready to conquer the money market!

Well one of our fan favorite opening activities is an exercise I like to call Money Talk. We begin by pairing up everyone in the room with a partner and instruct them to have a real-time money conversation as-if every money goal they had just happened for them! 

As an example: “Oh my gosh! When I left the workshop, I got started right away on my new product. I did exactly what Dr. Stacia said and I created a sale and posted about it every day on social media. I said the affirmations she gave us 3-times per day, and on day-5 I had more than 300 sales and and $30,000 in my account!! I am so excited! I had no idea it could happen so fast! Making money really is easy!”

The key here, is they are practicing the successful outcome conversation that they intend to have later. I love this game because it gets our people so full of energy and faith that most of them take fast action and end up manifesting those goals within weeks!

When your conversations are negative, your money becomes ‘funny’. So refrain from engaging in fruitless conversations with naysayers. And instead, affirm your outcomes and speak to your financial future. Declare that this year is going to be amazing for you. Declare how much you’re going to make and how much increase you want to come in. Call in your prosperity. Believe that your word really is your command and say great things about your business on purpose. Affirm out loud what you want to happen in your company and your life daily. 

Doing these things will help you stay focused on your business goals and keep you optimistic about achieving them. This is key because your business will only prosper to the degree that you believe it will. I believe 2022 is going to be a remarkable year for ou financially. I’m declaring it over you!

2. The “Money Designation” Conversation

Simply put, create a goal for the money you want to manifest. Of course this means that you must have goals, dreams and desires that you’ll require money for. Here’s the secret: Money is a neutral force that is attracted to those with an intention. The minute you declare what you need the money for, speak it aloud and write it down, you place an order in the spirit realm that notifies God that you are ready to receive the good things you desire. Then, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve that goal. So don’t just make your goal about having money. Instead, give your future money an assignment and a purpose and you’ll increase the odds of it manifesting for you every time.

3. The “Money Command” Conversation

Did you know that money responds to your very call and command? A great philosopher once said, “Money can’t talk, but it can hear.” Call wealth into your life on a daily basis using positive affirmations. Your bank account will begin to be full when you start speaking to your money. Command money to come to you. Declare that you are a money magnet and you are receiving all the wealth that is meant for you now.

Positive affirmations are a great way to shift from negative thoughts about money to reconditioning your mind with positive thoughts and emotions about money. I have a daily money mantra that I started speaking over my life years ago:

“I am a money magnet…”

“Money loves me…”

“My money makes money for me…”

“Money always finds me…” 

“Money chases me down…”

“Money comes to me now and always…” 

“Money comes to me in avalanches…” 

“My clients love paying me…”

“All of my storehouses are filled with money…” 

“As soon as I spend money, more money comes right back to me…There’s always more where this came from…” 

Just saying these simple affirmations has helped me to gain so much wealth…even going from five figures to seven figures in just six months.

Affirmations work best when you start to believe what you are saying. It gets into your subconscious and informs your brain that what you are saying is your new reality. Once you can accept a new positive money consciousness your ability to attract wealth is unlocked and money starts to flow into your life.

Before we leave this point I want to warn you…Never ever say things like, “money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money.” This kind of negative talk will only push money away from you and contradict all of your efforts to attract it. Pay attention to your casual conversations, thoughts and even your subtle complaints that you say only to yourself. Intentionally speak only good things about money and your money situation so that good things can flow to you.

Know this, friend, you are so worthy of all of the abundance this life has to offer.  Don’t sell yourself short by allowing money blocks to keep you from the prosperous, happy life you deserve.  Take these things to heart, adjust swiftly and open the floodgates for abundance.

Where have money blocks held you back on your journey to success? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.  I’d love to help.

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  • Vivian Newton January 2, 2023, 9:24 AM

    I gave up my career to raise a family and over the years have felt shameful when I am around fellow colleagues discussing their climb in their career. Thus, I began to feel unworthy of money. I have accepted my husbands provision but in my heart I know I have much to offer.