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Over the years, I’ve had many people ask what does mindset have to do with running a business? Well everything, especially when you consider that your success perspectives, beliefs, fears, self-image and self-worth often affect your habits and actions.

When on the path to building wealth your greatest investment center is your mind. It’s where your best-selling ideas and solutions will come from. So at all costs, nurture it, feed it and protect it at all costs.

This is why it is so important to stay open to growth and change so that as your mindset evolves so can your business and life.

Here are my 3 keys to having a big money mindset:

1. Take intentional thought walks

A quick easy way to nourish your mind and promote well being is to go for a thought walk! I always get my best ideas, insights and “aha” moments when I’m outdoors, moving my body and around nature and fresh air. According to research, just taking a walk creates a rhythm between your body and mind for better memory, attention, and even performing on tests! This simple routine keeps me focused, flourishing with fresh ideas and open to miraculous manifestations. 

Oprah mentioned that walking outside, taking in the fresh air has caused a lot of her money to come in. Just about every big contract or wealth breakthrough I’ve had has come right on the other side of taking thought walks! That’s because fresh air and nature calms the mind, allows you to meditate, get closer to God, and hear ideas emerge on the inside of you that can lead to millions!

You can quite literally walk your way into wealth!

2. Clear the mental clutter

Abundance and prosperity begin first in the mind. When you think the right thoughts you can navigate yourself to your place of abundant blessings.

So let’s start by clearing out the excuses, fears and doubts that have been stopping you from going after your dreams and goals.

When you want to keep the abundance flowing in your life, also have to evaluate who you hang around and listen to. Who has your ear? What conversations are you having and where are you going daily? Get rid of things you don’t want like toxic relationships, to make room for what you do want, such as exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

Always remember that order, in every area of your life, precedes increase. It starts by having a clean and orderly mind and spirit and then environment. The more excellent you make your space and your social circle, the more abundance, wealth and prosperity you will cause to come in to your life and business.

3. Fear not and move now 

Taking fast action is important to accomplishing your dreams! When you move quickly when the moment is right you can gain a lot of momentum to reach your goals much faster.

Simply put, your ideas and actions have the most power when you move in the moment.

That’s why I say money loves speed an it responds to fast action. 

If you sit on your ideas and procrastinate on taking action, you’ll become extremely vulnerable to distractions. Then after a while, you will start to doubt yourself, which drains you of creative problem solving capabilities.

One of my now very successful clients said she had always wanted to get into one of my private VIP coaching days and knew that it was just the answer she had been looking for. However, her first thought was to wait until next time, but instead she moved with the momentum, she wrote an affirmation right away saying ‘I will be in the next VIP session and pay in full this week!!’ Within a few days she had the money from a back payment due to her. She signed up immediately, investing in her business future.

So no matter the idea or the task, if you feel uneasy or intimidated, it’s okay to start before you’re ready and do it afraid…but take some action quickly. 

As always, I love hearing from you! Leave me a comment below and share…did you take a thought walk this week? Did you have an idea? An aha? What fast action are you going to take this week? Let me know in the comments!

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