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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker


I’ve always been a firm believer that one should fight to show up for their divine moments, divine connections and never miss an opportunity to elevate. 

You can easily be a woman who attracts wealth…a woman who operates in wealth…and a woman who commands wealth. But it always begins by making a bold step to showing up in the right places, where wealth is calling and where the wealth resides. 

That’s exactly what The Ultimate Success Tour 2023 in Orlando is going to be for you on March 18th! 

It usually only takes one idea…one aha… and you can break free and into millions. But it only happens when you’re positioned in the right places at the right times.

That’s why it’s so important to show up in places like these, to align yourself with the right people and to locate yourself in the right circles. Going after wealth is not meant to be done alone. Stay close with those who have your answers. Lock in with those who can pull you forward and show you the what to do.

It will truly be a life changing weekend of aha’s, purpose connections, wealth ideas and life lessons. But let’s get you started manifesting now! 

Here are 3 important lessons for wealth building to help get you started today:

1. Who you hang around determines your outcome and your income

When in a wealth pursuit, who you hang around, who has your ear, and who has influence can greatly determine your direction and your outcome.

Examine your inner circle. When you think about your closest five friends or family members, what are those conversations like? Are they stimulating life-giving conversations about increase? Are they conversations that inspire you and move you closer towards your goals? Or are they are conversations that discourage you and keep you thinking small?

To be a money magnet and a recipient of wealth, you must saturate yourself in the kinds of messages, visuals and conversations that keep you inspired to pursuit. Conversations and environments that stimulate your creativity and growth. And not everyone in your inner circle qualifies to be on that team. 

Many times, one of the first lessons that my clients have to learn early on is to clear the clutter of unproductive conversations with people they’re close with. It can often be our closest friends can become afraid of the next level that you’re aspiring too. Their intimidation of it can cause them to try and keep you from it. Before you can include them, you may need to let their envy die off first before you go all-in with them or attempt to bring them along for the journey. 

Who you hang around influences what you do and where you go. Stay in the company and conversation of positive people—those who will stretch you, show you and remind you of your big possibilities. You want to carefully curate your circle to include people who are possibility thinkers—in the company of rich conversations. Intentionally make room for exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

2. Everything is “Manifestable”

So what do you believe about your biggest money goals? Do you believe that making money is easy? Or that making money is hard?

I’ve always found that if making money feels hard, then the issue resides between your two ears. Your mindset is the only thing holding you back from millions.

So to condition your mind for millions, there are a few things you need to find yourself doing:

Make time for quiet time rituals. Set aside at least 10-15 minutes of silent, uninterrupted time to be alone, with a beverage, your Success Journal, your list of affirmations, a pen, and a visual of what you want to manifest. 

Take that time to pray and think on your goal. Say your affirmations out loud with power and conviction. Let those words go out into the atmosphere to put your outcome on notice that you’re ready to see it manifest. Let the belief in your words sink into your mind and your gut, and be open to those intuitive senses that show you what moves to make next.

See yourself having it. Get into visualization. SEE the money coming into your bank account. SEE yourself posting an ad or video online and getting immediate product sales, service requests and new clients from it. SEE yourself walking in the manifestation of your desired outcome. KEY: Don’t try to visualize the HOW…ONLY visualize the positive outcome that you really want. 

Take a few minutes to sit in absolute silence. Be sensitive and open to instructions and insights that come. Write down your aha’s that come to you in the moment and in the coming hours throughout your day. Written things change the game! Those are the just-in-time instructions that require fast action and energetic throughput. 

3. Making money really is easy!

There has never been an easier time than now in 2023 to launch a brand, a product, a personality and command an influx of buyers and clients than right now. You can literally become a viral sensation overnight and do it all from the power of your smartphone.

I’ll share a few of those keys with you here:

RULE #1 – When posting on social media about your business, product or brand, you cannot be boring! People love authenticity. They love when you share your life, your passion and most importantly, how your product has helped your life and the lives of others who follow and trust you. It’s so important to show your services in action, but especially the benefit and outcome that your brand produces in the lives of others. 

RULE #2 – Never create social media content when you’re fatigued, in a bad mood or when you don’t want to create. Only create content when you are in a good mood and have high energy. How you feel is how you will create, and that same vibe (whether high or low) will impact how your viewers will feel about your brand when they see your content.

So when you’re creating and in a high-vibe mood, batch your content. Create multiple videos, multiple ads, take multiple pictures, write multiple posts and messages for later use. Reason being, you may not know when you’ll have that same high vibe again. It could be days. But you may have to post something daily. 

Those are just a few important nuggets for wealth engaging wealth building with social media. If you’re looking for more breakthrough wealth  support, you may need to meet Ariana and I in Orlando on March 18th for The Ultimate Success Tour! To learn more about it and join us, CLICK HERE.

As always, I love hearing from you! What tips resonated with you? What are you going to try? Where do you need support? Let me know in the comments!

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