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The Ultimate Success Tour that took place on last weekend in Orlando was unlike any event we’ve hosted, mainly because of the times we’re living in. With all of the growing economic trends and changing technology, we intentionally designed this event to help every attendee navigate the next 4 to 5 years and rake in loads of cash! And we went in depth…AI, social media, how to manifest…and so much more. 

The takeaways pierced the hearts of everyone there. It shifted them and set them on a course like never before.

I’m still in awe of how many of you were more than ready to step up, master your success and move forward! Everyone left excited, empowered and equipped for major manifestations.

Here are 3 BIG lessons that caused big breakthroughs at the 2023 Ultimate Success Tour:

1. Simply Put…Your business needs LIFE!

On Saturday, my assistant, Audrey, delivered a compelling lesson on the power of AI (artificial intelligence), what it is, usage hacks and how to implement it into your business. Now, contrary to popular belief, AI cannot replace you, as the technology relies on human input. No one can replace human interaction, authentic connection and personality. But when you engage with it properly, AI can be a powerful toolkit that will save you countless hours and days when it comes to product creation, funnel building, and so much more. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know all too well the time it can take to come up with your marketing, your funnels, ad copy, design, and more. And you can never afford to get tired of marketing your own solutions and services. It needs love, attention and lots of life infused into it! 

So how else can you infuse life into your business?

Show up on social media—show up in your newsletters—on video—with new ads. The entire world does not know about you yet. But they are waiting on a solution, an answer, a way out or a way forward…and that’s YOU. So get moving and show up because you are somebody’s answer.

You can never afford not to show up, put yourself out there or hide your solution. You cannot be the next best thing and the next best secret all at the same time. So get out there and in front of people as their solution. Purposeful prosperity and wealth becomes yours when you decide that you’re not afraid to get up and get moving. It all comes together when you decide to get up and get going after your goals.

Your decision to progress forward makes you a candidate for sudden manifestations.

Social Media Nugget: Think QUANTITY over quality.

Yes, you read that right. 

This was the aha that shook the room and freed our attendees from stagnation!

My son Ryan’s sessions have truly become a fan favorite among our audience. He has become a master storyteller, brand builder, and filmmaker that helps 9 and 10 figure companies elevate their profits through creative media, and on Saturday, he gave us “the plug”, 5-simple steps to 9-figure earning status on social media. 

When creating engaging social media content, we can often get caught up in perfectionism, so instead of creating content, consider a different concept—documenting the journey. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be authentic and consistent. Your content should be informative and loaded with value. One thing the most successful online entrepreneurs are starting to do is something called Value Bombing, meaning they are giving away their “secret sauce”, and that is when you really start to take off. Of course we realize that giving away some of your best information may feel like a risk, but this actually has a curious impact. It leaves your viewers feeling crazy to not buy your products, your courses or whatever you happen to be selling next!

So go ahead and put a lot of content out there, even if you’re a bit embarrassed by the imperfection.

And if there was any area of your content to obsess over, obsess over the hooks, a.k.a the first 3-seconds of your video or the main headlines on your posts. This is the part that grabs your viewers and gets them engaged. 

2. Happiness and Fulfillment comes from making progress.

There’s a reason people are buying up books on happiness and fulfillment. It’s what everyone wants. But true happiness and fulfillment comes from making real progress. This was such a breakthrough moment for so many attendees…intentional fast action as a means to happiness. 

Consider for a moment the books and blogs you’re reading, or influencers you might be following….If they are not advertising progress as a pathway to happiness and fulfillment, then they’ve missed the mark. 

Have you been looking to increase your happiness column? Then answer this: What can you do today to make some progress TODAY? And it doesn’t have to be much for you to feel fulfilled. Even something as small as purchasing your domain name, setting up a new money app to receive payments…even a quick email or text to a short list of clients thanking them for their past business. It all brings you a feeling of progress, fulfillment and it leads to happiness.  

3. Stay in the company of cash creators

Whom you surround yourself with, whom you listen to or whom you turn your ear to will determine where you go and where you don’t. Your network always determines your net-worth because what you focus the most on and who you listen to is what determines your subconscious programming. That’s why your life will always pattern itself after those whom you hang around.

So get away from people bent on a poverty mentality; those who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing…and instead, get in the company of cash creators!

Like the Women & Wealth Club…

Some of my attendees this year came with a bit of a hole on the inside of them that they really desired to be fulfilled. Really what they were looking for was connection. They were looking for a group of celebrators not tolerators. You always need a network of connections that honor and respect you for who you are and the gifts you really hold. You always need to connect with like minded people. And when you get with the right people, manifestations for what you really want start coming. 

If you’re new to my platform and this is your first time hearing about The Women & Wealth Club, just click here. 

This year at the Tour, I decided to offer a very special coaching course to help you create a life you’ll really love, and it’s specifically designed for the times we’re living in right now in 2023. I’ll tell you more about that soon! But if you want to be first to have access to one of the remaining seats, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an email coming soon, from me!

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Over the last 13 years I’ve learned from the top internet marketing gurus. I’ve also blazed many trails when it comes to women in the space of online marketing.

I’ve used information, charged by my intuition to build my very successful business.

And even though I’ve paid over six figures to get where I am today…You won’t have to.

I’m giving you what many have asked for…a way into coaching with me without having to wait for our Success Mastery Business School to open for enrollment.

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As always, I love hearing from you! If you came to the Success Tour or had a breakthrough recently, or if you’ve just decided to join us in a course so that 2022 can become your big year…share with me in the comments below. I want to hear about it and celebrate you!

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