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Right now, we’re in that time of year where people are focused on gift buying, having a great Christmas and winding down their quarter. If you are like some, you’re even thinking of New Years resolutions. I want to encourage you to not wind down your year just yet. We’re in a serious end of quarter season where the biggest miracles that you desire can quickly and easily happen for you almost overnight if you move with intention and speed!

Here are my 3 keys to manifesting your biggest goals and miracles in the last few weeks of the 4th quarter:

1. Create a revolution from your revelations. 

Simply put—ideas are the beginning points of all increase and fortunes. They are the seeds of change. You have to meditate for your ideas, especially the God-given ones that have the power to elevate and advance you forward. Get quiet in the morning and evening. Spend some time reflecting and dreaming on paper, and in your Success Journal. Write down what you hear intuitively and make a few action plans of execution. But here’s the key, act fast! When you concentrate on an idea, nourish it with your attention and take concrete action steps, it can grow into a revelation that triggers a revolution in your life. This isn’t about waiting for a lightning bolt of inspiration, but rather nurturing your ideas with time, energy and courage to allow them to blossom into reality.

2. Invest in your progress. 

Until you invest, you’ll only have minimal advancement. Better said—you can’t get to high levels of success without it. When I first started off in my career, I used to think I could read my way there and figure it all out on my own. But you’re going to get stuck at some point and it takes investment to get the big breakthroughs. Personal growth and development are not optional extras on the journey to success; they’re the fuel that drives you forward. Investing in yourself – whether that’s through education, personal development courses, or coaching – is investing in your future. It’s about recognizing your worth and understanding that you’re deserving of the time, money and energy required to reach your full potential. We have some of the perfect wealth and manifestation courses for you HERE that can put you exactly where you want to be financially (ALL DISCOUNTED BY 87% or more for a limited time).

3. Have more purposeful conversations. 

Never underestimate the power of a good conversation. Engaging with the right people can greatly accelerate your progress, opening doors and offering insights that you might never have discovered alone. These conversations could be with mentors who’ve walked the path before you, peers who can offer a different perspective, or even experts from unrelated fields who can provide fresh inspiration. So get around some “get-it” people. Those who can pull you forward, encourage your dreams, and pour into you the support and refill you need! If you don’t have that kind of get-it circle, our Women & Wealth Club is built for that! Click HERE to learn more.

Finally, when you need a boost, here’s a hack—Just having something exciting on the horizon can lead to increased, optimism, a feeling of fulfillment and wealth. This is why I encourage all of my clients and students to keep a calendar that they can fill with events and exciting things to look forward. This does wonders for your spirit and your attitude of expectation. So focus on solutions and ideas rather than problems and worries. Surround yourself with positive influences, and explore opportunities for building wealth through side hustles and passive income. As we enter the final weeks of the year, remember: the fourth quarter is your time to manifest miracles. Keep your goals in sight and watch them come to life. 

As always, I love hearing from you. Tell me, what are your Christmas plans? What are your biggest goals for the rest of the year that you want to see manifest? Let me know in the comments!

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