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“Dr. Stacia, What I learned from you and Ari today…saved my business. This connection today is exactly what I needed!”.

These words came straight from the mouth of one our incredibly excited attendees and that alone made it all worth it.

After two years, we were finally able to come back together in-person for a day full of inspiration, information and application and what an amazing time it was. 

This Tour was unlike any event we’ve hosted, mainly because of the times we’re living in. With all of the growing economic trends and changing technology, we intentionally designed this event to help every attendee navigate the next 4 to 5 years and rake in loads of cash! And we went in depth. 

The takeaways pierced the hearts of everyone there. It shifted them and set them on a course like never before.

I’m still in awe of how many of you were more than ready to step up, master your success and move forward! Everyone left excited, empowered and equipped for major manifestations.

Here are 5 big lessons that caused big breakthroughs at the 2022 Ultimate Success Tour:

Simply put…

1. Your business needs LIFE! 

It’s time to wake up your business with an intention to get ahead.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know can never afford to get tired of marketing your own solutions and services. It needs love, attention and lots of life infused into it! 

So how do you wake it up?

Show up on social media—show up in your newsletters—on video—launch new ads. The entire world does not know about you yet. But they are waiting on a solution, an answer, a way out or a way forward…and that’s YOU. So get moving and show up because you are somebody’s answer.

You can never afford not to show up, put yourself out there or hide your solution. You cannot be the next best thing and the next best secret all at the same time. So get out there and in front of people as their solution. Purposeful prosperity and wealth becomes yours when you decide that you’re not afraid to get up and get moving. It all comes together when you decide to get up and get going after your goals.

Your decision to progress forward makes you a candidate for sudden manifestations.

2. Happiness and Fulfillment comes from making progress.

There’s a reason people are buying up books on happiness and fulfillment. It’s what everyone wants. But true happiness and fulfillment comes from making real progress. This was such a breakthrough moment for so many attendees…intentional fast action as a means to happiness. 

Consider for a moment the books and blogs you’re reading, or influencers you might be following….If they are not advertising progress as a pathway to happiness and fulfillment, then they’ve missed the mark. 

Have you been looking to increase your happiness column? Then answer this: What can you do today to make some progress TODAY? And it doesn’t have to be much for you to feel fulfilled. Even something as small as purchasing your domain name, setting up a new money app to receive payments…even a quick email or text to a short list of clients thanking them for their past business. It all brings you a feeling of progress, fulfillment and it leads to happiness.  

3. Dream again so you can prosper again!

There is a direct relationship between your dreams, goals and fast action that you want to be aware of. Prosperity shows up to fund your plans and your dreams. There is never a dream birthed inside of you, or a divine opportunity presented to you without there also being a present way for you to achieve it or a means to fund it.

When you’re running with that dream and intentional on making it happen, everything in the universe conspires to help you make it happen. So run with your dreams. Increase is attracted to big plans intentional movement.

But let’s look at this formula in reverse: If there is no dream then you don’t need prosperity!

Bottom line, if you can’t dream big, then you can’t prosper big.

So never downsize your ambitions because of circumstances or because of the times that we’re living in. When you downsize your dreams, you only downsize your progress—you downsize your momentum—and by default, the favor that’s be available to you…You downsize who you are supposed to become.

So as an action item, start by opening up your Success Journal and fill in those 101 goals again. Rewrite some of them daily. Take an inspired action on them.

We will not always be in this season that we’re in

You are created to dream and prosper and your ability to do so is directly linked to your ability to bream big.

Want the rest?


So here are two things I recommend doing:

Come relive the experience. 

At the Tour, I shared the strategy to a successful year…and now for the first time ever, we’ve released the workshop sessions so that you can have this information and listen at your own convenience.

Trust me… you’ll feel so relieved and revived after hearing this information. It’s just what you need to level up right now.

It’s 4-hours of content to help you go from being stuck in your biz and life…to stacking cash!

If you’re tired of being broken and limited..hitting wall after wall…you need to tune in so you can break the barriers, and open a floodgate of money-making ideas and opportunities. We’re showing you how to BLAST those thoughts and empower you to confidently move forward fast! I wouldn’t even waste time offering you this if it didn’t get you results. I am confident that you need this workshop if you are going to hit big in 2022. GRAB THE WORKSHOP HERE.

2. Come and coach with me LIVE in just a FEW WEEKS HERE!

At the Tour, I decided to offer a very special coaching course to help you build a 6-figure business, and it’s specifically designed for the times we’re living in right now. It’s my new 8-week LIVE program called Millionaire Marketing Manifestation where you will learn my top 8 marketing systems to hit 5 and even 6-figures weekly and monthly. 

Usually to coach with me like this, you would have to wait until the Fall to join Success Mastery, but I believe you need this NOW. 

Over the last 13 years I’ve learned from the top internet marketing gurus. I’ve also blazed many trails when it comes to women in the space of online marketing.

I’ve used information, charged by my intuition to build my very successful business.

And even though I’ve paid over six figures to get where I am today…You won’t have to.

I’m giving you what many have asked for…a way into my marketing coaching without having to wait for our Success Mastery Business School to open for enrollment.

What we’re teaching in this course, you may never hear me teach again. So if you’ve ever wanted to coach with me but couldn’t, and you want INyou’ll likely never be able to coach with me for this super low investment than now. Just go to ManifestMarketingNow.com to register for this class. It begins on March 8th. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

As always, I love hearing from you! If you came to the Success Tour or had a breakthrough recently, or if you’ve just decided to join us in a course so that 2022 can become your big year…share with me in the comments below. I want to hear about it and celebrate you!

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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