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10 Success Secrets from the Women’s Success Conference

Why Most Attendees Have Made At Least $1,000 Since Leaving



“Where is my $1000?” Rings loud, heavy, weighted in the air… demanding the answer from expectants who boldly asked the question again and again each time with more confidence… speaking every word with more emotion.

Where… Is… My… Thousand… Dollars???

Since that moment, our three days of intense training, success stories have been pouring in from attendees who have gotten immediate results. Just from applying the success secrets some have manifested a thousand dollars or more.

What is the fastest return on investment you’ve ever made? Today I’m sharing some of the WSC success stories… you’ll see when you are serious about success, you can take fast action and get fast results.

Several conference attendees acted quickly, implementing just a sliver of what they learned during our time together and BOOM!  The money started to pour in!

If you were there, you know first hand what I’m talking about…if you couldn’t make it, you should print this article and use it as a reference to start making money now.  While you’re not getting all the success secrets shared at the conference, the following are great highlights with powerful principles listed so you too can get results. Please be sure to come back and share your success stories in the comments below!

10 Things the Success Conference did for the Attendees:
1. They learned money power secrets:

As an entrepreneur, you have to set money goals. Write goals for everything: the year, the month and the week. Write out your ultimate money goal and paste it up with an inspiring image. Put it in a place that you will see it every day for motivation. Mine is posted over my bed, so it is the first thing I say every day when I wake up.

Get rid of everything that makes you feel broke or cluttered. By doing this, you can cause money miracles to happen!

Spend money differently. Do things that upgrade you, which helps to change your mindset about wealth. Get a beautiful new wallet that speaks to you, to remind you that wealth and increase is yours.

My client Overere can attest to the power of using pictures and words to attract what you want. He’s done some awesome things in business since coaching with me, like increasing his income by $6,000–10,000 per month and developing new systems for inventory control and customer retention. One of his proudest accomplishments, though, wasn’t about his business at all. He wanted a son! He and his wife had four girls. Overere used my Success Attraction Goal Cards to visualize and focus on his goal of having a boy. Before long, his wife was expecting. The first two doctors that looked at the ultrasound said they were having a girl, but they were wrong! His son Wisdom was born on June 8th, 2014! These principles work just as well in your personal life as in your business.

2. They learned how to start again after failure:

Failure happens to everyone. It doesn’t have to mean the end of your business. At the conference I shared an inspiring story of a nail salon owner who went out of business and filed bankruptcy multiple times. Because he was willing to brush it off, get up and start again, he and his family are very successful today.

The bottom line is, who cares about failure? You can expect to experience it at one time or another on your path to success. Just keep going!

Success Conference attendee Gladys had just started a business before attending. She had tried and failed before, but she left the conference with a resolve to succeed! Using what she learned about social media and marketing, and staying focused with her Mindset Map™ she made over $1,000 shortly after leaving!

3. They learned how to think like an entrepreneur:

Because successful entrepreneurs think differently, they live differently. You must get uncomfortable to become profitable. Get a mindset and understanding that to be profitable will sometimes mean it will feel risky.

Having life balance is about doing what’s needful. To live a balanced life as an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you live by lists. You need a daily list of your prioritized goals and tasks so you can do what needs to be done first. Leave the rest for later — it will be there when you get to it! Another key to staying in balance is your morning meditation. A time of quiet in the morning, asking questions and listening for answers, will have a calming, centering effect on you throughout your entire day.

Conference attendee Kia knows the importance of getting uncomfortable. She got innovative at the conference, offering daycare to attendees. She had to attend the conference and remotely manage her business during a busy time, but she pressed in and made it happen. She didn’t have to wait until after the conference — she made over $1,000 using her creativity during the conference!

4. They learned how to create brand awareness:

Whether you are blogging or posting on social media, or connecting with others through these channels, you must always lead followers back to your brand. When it comes to brand awareness, remember that people do not want to feel like they are being sold to—although they often want to make a purchase. Through proper brand awareness, you can help people buy from you without feeling sold to.

My client Yancy knows about the importance of brand awareness. Before coaching, he had great technical skills but he didn’t have a presence in the marketplace. He knew how to build mobile apps, but he had no idea how to attract customers. We developed a brand identity for him – from his business name App Up Your Business, to a professional logo, excellent website, business cards and more. He saw an immediate rise in interest, clients and income after solidifying his brand identity.

5. They learned blogging success secrets:

The insiders’ blogging session, taught by Ariana Pierce, that took place at the conference was second to none. To blog successfully, you must know what type of blogger you are. Bloggers fall into different categories, and knowing where you fit will help you find your voice, as well as direct the types of posts you write.

Bloggers have a look. To be recognized as a credible blogger, you must look the part. This can go a long way in expanding your brand.

There are essential, must-have tools that the best bloggers use. Among them, a good camera is crucial to get quality photos for your blog.

Mark is a client of mine who has great style. He wanted to be a personal stylist, but he didn’t know how to get established as an expert. I told him about the importance of blogging. Mark got his blog online and began sharing his photos and expertise. His blog has not only given him credibility as a stylist – it’s brought him success as a blogger also! Now, he’s getting paid to blog, and he’s a contributor for Details Magazine, Menswear Magazine and others. Since leaving the conference, Mark, applying what he learned, attracted an opportunity to work with GQ Magazine. Now that’s what I call a fast manifestation!

6. They learned how to successfully plan and execute a product launch:

A product launch is a great way to build your list of prospects and your email distribution list.

By creating an irresistible offer, you can increase your revenue through capitalizing on opportunities to upsell.

Conference attendees learned steps to launching from beginning to end!
Dr. Omada is another client of mine that’s a physician. When she started coaching, she didn’t have any products. She worked for someone else practicing medicine. She had some amazing ideas about how to help people before they ever got to the doctor’s office, though. I helped her develop her ideas into products, and she used our product launch system to take them to the masses. Now she sells products on her website and in retail stores, making money while she sleeps!

7. They learned tips for e-newsletters that get results:

E-newsletters help business owners stay relevant, build their brand and increase sales.

Consistency is key. You must decide how often you will send your e-newsletter and what it will contain.

There are easy ways to increase your open rate, like writing headlines and captions that get attention.

Automate the e-newsletter by batching your writing. Schedule days for writing and create several newsletters at once, and schedule them to be sent.

My client Rosene knows that a good email newsletter is a powerful tool. Since following our newsletter system she’s been growing her contact list and her client list. Her newsletter has also helped her to make new connections and become established as an expert in her field. She’s had major opportunities nationally and overseas, in part due to connecting with others in her field through her newsletter!

8. They learned how to change their mindset:

To change your mindset, you have to define your desires. Develop your increase thinking to create a vacuum for increase. Push yourself to break past the $1,000 mark.

My client, Dr. Jason, can tell you about the importance of thinking like an entrepreneur. When he started with me, he was a family doctor (an internal medicine physician). He figured the good life was a house with a white picket fence. I coached him and helped him see that there was so much more he could have, a lifestyle he could attain that was so much greater, and so many more people he could help. He went from being just another doctor to being “America’s Energy Doctor.” He went from working for someone else, making an average salary, to running his own clinics and more than doubling his annual income (and still increasing!). He’s a published author, he travels the country speaking and signing his books, and he’s living the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Mindset matters!

9. They learned what social media engagement really means—and how to do it:

To increase your social media engagement, you must strategically follow key brands and connect with your favorite brands.

You also must connect with your audience. Using good hashtags is important to be effective and attract the right connections through social media.

My daughter, Ariana, is the social media guru. She taught powerful lessons on how entrepreneurs can use social media to their greatest advantage. How to gain followers, engage your audience, drive traffic to your website and increase sales of your products using the free tools provided by services like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Conference attendee Veverly started using social media to advertise her T-Shirt line using what she learned during the conference, and immediately began receiving orders!
Conference attendee Michele used what she learned to post an offer on social media during the conference, and got a new client right there in the session!

10. Most importantly, they learned how to be happy entrepreneurs!

To be happy, you have to surround yourself with things that are happy. Practice meditating daily on your best possible outcome. Use goal cards to help you stay focused and positive about your goals. Write a list every day of what you are grateful for. When you focus on the right things, you put the law of attraction in motion and will continue to attract great things to yourself and your business.

Keep happiness files. Pick five to seven topics you are passionate about and create a file folder for each. Pull tear sheets from magazines of articles, pictures and words on these topics that inspire you.

This is just a snippet of what took place and the high-level content that was shared at the conference. It is exciting to see so many attendees that have taken fast action and are getting amazing results! The conference was truly a worthwhile investment for the many happy entrepreneurs that attended.

Do you have some money goals, but you need more information and a plan to achieve them?
Have you failed in the past and you’re not sure if you can make it if you try again?
Do you desire to be an entrepreneur, but you’re not sure how the mentality of a business person differs from that of an employee?
Do you have a good product or service, but no recognizable brand?
Do you have a blog that you know could be more successful with greater reach? Or are you looking to start a blog to increase revenue to your business?
Do you need help with your email marketing? Are you still trying to figure this social media thing out?
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