Four Powerful 1-day workshops to give you an extraordinary boost in your business!

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    FEB. 3, 2018


    Rosen Centre Hotel

    9840 International Dr,

    Orlando, FL 32819

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    New York, NY

      April 21, 2018

      Stewart Hotel Manhattan

      (Formally Affinia Hotel)

      371 Seventh Street

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      Atlanta, GA

        May 19, 2018


        Omni Hotel at CNN Center

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        Current Tour Location:



        • Los Angeles, CA | Saturday, March 24, 2018
        • 12:00pm Eastern

        Workshop Agenda

        Show Agenda +
        • 11AM-12PM Registration
        • 12PM Networking Social
        • 12:30PM Opening with Dr. Stacia Pierce
        • 1:30PM Session 1: Ariana Pierce
        • 2:30PM Session 2 Dr. Stacia Pierce
        • 3:30PM Session 3: Dr. Stacia Pierce
        • 4:30PM Q and A
        • 5:00PM Closing Thoughts
        • 5:30PM Meet & Greet with Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce Networking and shopping

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        During these one-day intensive Workshops, We're going to show you how harness your ability to manifest prosperity in your business and life!

        Dear Friend,

        Ready to have the biggest year yet? Then grab your seat at the Entrepreneur's Prosperity Tour, where you’ll discover the top seven strategies every entrepreneur must possess to move the prosperity level up on your business. It doesn’t matter how much success you have right now, these top strategies catapult you higher.

        The Prosperity Tour is about embracing, informing and empowering business owners on spiritual marketing, modern entrepreneurship, and the digital domain.

        Join us on tour and discover what social media has to do with your bottom line, learn the secret to overcoming stagnation in  your marketing methods, getting the insider’s scoop on how you become one of those people who have an overload of sales, clients, collaborations and offers!

        Oh yeah and if you’re not clear on what to do next, what really makes money and how everything is going to work for entrepreneurs in 2018… Then for that alone, you need to grab your ticket and one for a friend, so you’re not left out feeling fuzzy about your future and clueless about the new techniques tools and thinking at all entrepreneurs, creativepreneurs, mompreneurs, womenpreneurs, menpreneurs, coaches and consultants will have to use in order to Succeed and play big!

        From starting a new business, developing content, or scaling your business to a new level, you'll be networking with kindred spirits while soaking up valuable advice from top the very skilled, highly knowledgeable, down-to-Earth Mother-Daughter duo.

        Just being in the room with Stacia and Ariana will spark your creative juices to flow in new exciting ways. Your business can have a bigger cash flow, bigger sales and bigger pay days when you attend the Entrepreneur's Prosperity Tour!

        The Prosperity Tour is the Ultimate One-Day Workshop catering to all kinds of entrepreneurs, even those with full-time jobs looking to profit from their passion and get productive in their current environment. Come and join the Prosperity Tour in a city near you!



        Everything and Everyone Prospers You NOW!

        During this one-day live session with us, you will also discover:

        • The exact steps to profit from your passion
        • What obstacles are stopping your from making more money and how to soar past the blocks to start bringing in more income.
        • How to get organized so you can increase income
        • How to take immediate action without being overwhelmed with fear or guilt.
        • How to add systems to your daily routine to streamline productivity.

        I Can't Say Enough About The 'Aha' Moments And WOW Experiences You Will Have Throughout The Day! Your Idea Sheets Will Be FULL And OVERFLOWING.

        Check Out What Others Are Saying...

        YOU'LL LEARN... how to overcome your own limiting beliefs and leave with renewed thinking to get stuff done efficiently and effectively.

        YOU'LL HAVE...a surge of creativity just from being in the workshop atmosphere. Our events are always filled with Entrepreneur Eye candy! We always infuse our love for fashion, decor and design into our events to create the perfect creativity oasis where you are inspired to dream big.

        YOU'LL LEARN... effective organization systems to help you maximize your business, the quality of your life and become outrageously profitable.

        YOU'LL HAVE... plenty of connection time to link up with purpose partners, talk to real action-oriented people about real business solutions, real ideas, expressing it all in your real personality and really accepted.

        Most importantly, YOU'LL GET...easy to follow vision map, action steps, and success attraction tools that will empower you own your vision and make a great impact on the world!

        Secure Your Seat Now!selling out is limited

        Please know that seating for this event is intimate and extremely limited...and seats are available strictly on a first come first served basis.

        The Prosperity Tour events fill up very fast, so please act now to secure your seat.

        You can reserve your seat for a modest, yet reasonable fee below, which includes your admission, materials and other surprises when you come.

        Let your friends and colleagues know about this exclusive opportunity by sharing this page with them. You'll especially want to bring along your spouse or team members that works close with you...But first secure your seat so you're included when the space fills up. The room is intimate and will hold only about 100 people.

        Remember, big change requires big action. It's your time to get out in a big way...make a big impact in the world...share your gift and help others. The Ultimate Success Tour will be your jolt of inspiration to embark on something big, new and exciting.

        I can't wait to see you in person. Please put this event at the top of your must-do list. Make it a priority to join me so we can finally up level your business and life this year.

        I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and live your dreams now.

        Be Inspired to Succeed,

        Now Meet A Few People Who Attended The Ultimate Success Tour...

        Just in case you're not sure that you can actually gain big success from a one-day event, let me assure you...I've already shown thousands of people my step-by-step success attraction systems for goal achievement and dream fulfillment...and now they're breaking new financial barriers and living their dreams too!

        But don't take my word for it...

        Here's a few success stories from people just like you, who were stuck—but then had a complete turnaround after getting my help...

        Curtis Gulledge

        Just from using the The Success Attraction Notes and Quotes book information that you taught at the Success Tour,I was able to focused on my monthly income goals and get more organized. I wrote a goal to make a specific amount a month in contracts and I went from $500 to $2000 a month!

        Curtis Gulledge C. Sharply Management
        Dr. Asheia Wynne

        I Set A Goal to Make an Additional $500 and Made $2000 in Only 3 Days!
        I am so excited! Since attending the Success Tour in Atlanta, I decided to start saying continuously throughout the day “Making Money Is Easy For Me”, and to make a money goal! I had my cup, and I was putting my mouth to work!!!! I’d also set a goal to make an additional $500, then the goal card told me to STRETCH my thinking….so I said ok…$1000. Making Money is easy for me, so I can do it! 3 days after I attended your Ultimate Success Tour in ATL I received a phone call with an opportunity to provide a service for a company and a offer of $2000! YES! That one offer alone is more than enough money to cover the expenses I paid for my trip TO ATLANTA for the Success Tour, the advanced registration that I paid for the International Women’s Success Conference in Orlando, my flight in Orlando, hotel accommodations AND money left over!!!

        Dr. Asheia Wynne What is Fab
        Rose Hedgemond

        It wasn’t until I lost my job that I became actively serious about the business, and getting clients. Probably because I was scared to death about being broke (smile). However, Since attending the Success Tour, my business took off! I booked several new clients! During the Orlando Tour, you said to do something crazy (well, crazy in a realistic sense) so I did. I asked my CPA if she would sponsor me to be on the radio and you know what? She did…oh, yea. And from being on the radio for a month – I was offered so many more spin-off opportunities. Thank you Dr. Stacia!

        Rose Hedgemond
        Regina Bonds

        I Went From Being Lost to Launching My First Class in just a couple of weeks!
        Dr. Stacia, I just want to personally thank you! Before I went to the Atlanta success tour I was lost! I had a lot I wanted to do, but had no idea how to make goals and plan things out! Everything you said was just for me! When I got back home, I got busy working on my businesses! I came up with a fashion 101 class for this month. Didn’t have everything that I was going to teach ready but I did what you said. I launched before I was ready! I made the tickets available and I’m almost sold out! In just a couple of weeks my life has done a 180 and I wanted to let you know how much you have help me understand what I want is out there! I just have to be creative and go get it! I’m just super excited about my life and being a 24 year old entrepreneur! Can’t wait to for the Success Conference! Thanks!

        Regina Bonds Fashion By Regina
        Fatimah Williams Castro

        I gleaned so many insights during the NYC success tour. I was truly in a slump. My revenue had run low and my morale was following suit. I didn’t think that I was making excuses but after listening to you I realized how I put blocks in my own path. You advised us to work at the level of our business. For me this means doing what I can do now so that I can grow to the business I want to become. I’d been distracted by all the things I couldn’t afford to do in my business this missing all the things I could develop and leverage right now. So what fast action did I take after the tour? I created 3 new products and made a big connection to increase exposure for my business. All of the ideas came flooding my mind after ask the questions,” where is my $1000?” Thank you for teaching me how to ask the right questions!

        Fatimah Williams Castro Beyond The Tenure Track
        V. Taybron

        I wake up at 5am now. I meditate, pray, stare at my vision board and see myself driving my new white Jeep Wrangler Sport, having $10,000 in my bank account, customers paying invoices on time and I cook. You told us to package our product so I created new packages and products for my clients to generate more income. I also bought your goal cards and said that I would book 6 paid events up front. Within days of setting my goal, I booked 4 of the 6 events! People are paying me up front and on time. It’s blowing my mind! I want you to know that you really blessed me. I see in my mind where I am going and the blessings are lining up because my mind is now aligned. Thank you for your work and your truth. I am SURE I will see you again soon. I’ve been telling the world about you. Thanks again!

        V. Taybron SaVor V

        Are you interested in discovering how to EFFECTIVELY attract success in your life and business?

        If you are plagued with unsettling thoughts of running out of time before you can reach your goals…or that it’s already too late for you to make a great impact in society... Or in the past you minimized your dreams and put them off…but now you’re ready to reawaken your dreams and get out of life what’s meant for you to have… Now you want to take control of your destiny and determine your own outcome so that you can attract real success into your life…then join us at the Entrpreneur's Prosperity Tour!

        Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college student, doctor, lawyer, actress, hairstylist, or high school drop out, if you apply what you will learn in this workshop you’ll experience high levels of success more than you can imagine!

        I’m going to make this event even better for you...
        Register TODAY, and you can get bring a guest for $47 !
        To Help You Get The MOST From Your Day!

        (YES, REALLY!) YOU CAN BRING A GUEST FOR $47 (for a limited time) HERE’S WHY…

        I want you to bring a friend, spouse, colleague or member of your staff you as your guest. Sharing this experience with people who love and support you the most can be extremely critical to your success. One thing’s for sure, once you have attended the Success Tour, you’ll be calling home telling someone very important to you, “I wish you had just come with me!” NOTE: The Bring a Friend Option is only available and will appear after you have registered for the event. Just click the link and complete the registration for your guest

        So, Are you planning to meet us on tour? If so, I just want to urge you to register quickly. Get in early because once we’re down to the wire….the window of opportunity CLOSES FAST… With limited seating…you better hurry. I have to tell you, there is no on-site registration. The room capacity is limited as well. (Last year was PACKED to CAPACITY, and this year will be no different). Don’t drag your feet about coming…you may miss it. I’m not kidding.

        Registration is a cinch! Simply click the button below and complete the form on the following page.

        $197 ONLY $97

        Once you register, you will be guided to register your guest for only $47

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