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Millionaire Mind Shift Secrets Course
+ 2 VIP Women's Success Conference Tickets

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Authors, Coaches, Speakers and Spiritual Leaders...anyone bigger manifestations in your life...
Are you ready for your bank account to explode with a flood of income? If so, it is time for you to reprogram your mindset. For every level of increase, there must be a mindset shift to go to a new level. The way you think affects your sales, your ability to be promoted, your bank account and how you attract good or bad news to your life. So, if you want to create a new financial set point or break down money barriers and position yourself to get new systems and business strategies to increase sales, you need to learn these Mindset Secrets I’ve put into this program.


  • The Millionaire Mind Shift Secrets Course ($2497) 

  • 4 Audio Mindset Training Lessons

  • 4 Money Attraction worksheets

  • Mind-shift Affirmation Mini poster

  • Millionaire Mind-Shift affirmation

  • The Millionaire Mind-Shift Blueprint

Plus 3 Bonus lessons and more…

  • BONUS: Success Attraction Goal Setting Workshop ($197)

  • BONUS: 12ct. Pack of Goal Cards ($19.97)

  • BONUS: Creativity For Increase Workshop ($197)

  • BONUS: 16ct. Pack of Idea Cards ($39)

  • BONUS: Social Media Marketing Mindset Workshop 
 w/Ariana Pierce ($97)

I've always had a desire to make tons of money just didn't know how exactly I would do it. Since Dr. Stacia became my business mentor and coach, she has constantly given me MULTIPLE WAYS to fill in the 'HOW' blank. I went from being STUCK to receiving exactly what Dr. Stacia said she was going to deliver – LOADS of useful information – detailed techniques and systems that helped me increase my income instantly. After a one-on-one Session with Stacia she instantly stopped me from embracing sabotaging thoughts that were holding me back and challenged me to make some changes! And as a result I doubled my weekly earnings.

My first week I made $3,000!

My advice to those who are thinking about taking the Millionaire Mind Shift Course is that this course is so much more than you think it is.Take it from someone who takes all of Stacia's courses, I can tell you with all sincerity Her courses are worth every penny plus a bonus! It’s a no brainer—- just register right now!

Eshe Todd
Eshe Todd
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Offer #2

Women’s Success Conference BOGO Deal

The Women’s Success Retreat is your blueprint, your primer, your success playbook…

This is a three-day retreat that is 100% focused on the essentials of designing and implementing innovative marketing that grabs the attention of your ideal client and enables you to finally build the business of your dreams. Join us and discover the crippling mistakes that most entrepreneurs make and how avoiding those mistakes can save you countless headaches and lots of money; Why ignoring social media, especially Instagram, is a critical mistake, and what you need to do to leverage this powerful marketing tool;  In short, you will walk away with an A-Z 90 action plan that will enable you to transform your business and life. You can’t afford to miss this event…Your business depends on it.

This is your chance to get access to all of our "execution plans" as we show you step-by-step how to profit from your passion. You don't need an MBA to be a business owner. You need the RIGHT information to grow your business in THIS ECONOMY.  It’s the only time and place where you get mind-shifting sessions everyday for 3 days with Stacia and Ariana. They will deliver relevant, profit generating content that you can use immediately to cause increase in your life. Experience the pure, unadulterated advice from the premier and original life coach that empowers you to fix both your business and YOUR LIFE instantly! You’ll leave every session with a detailed road map that you can plug and play with your plan and see results in as little time as 48 hours.

The Women's Success Conference: Manifest Your Dreams and Goal Now!

If you came to the Success Tour, then you are meant to be with us in Orlando, FL.

One day of information can inspire you to start, but three in depth days of training and insight will empower you to take your business and life to a whole new level.

Do you believe in a second chance? I do.

That’s why we’re offering you this opportunity…ONLY FOR SUCCESS TOUR ATTENDEES….to join us in Orlando at the Women’s Success Conference at a steep discounted rate.

This offer expires in 3 days…so take fast action and grab your seat now!

The Women’s Success Conference is WORTH the personal investment. As you already know we always over deliver and give you information that will help you succeed. You will be empowered to make a big difference in your community and beyond…all while earning the income you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re seeking BIG RESULTS…then by now you are fully aware of how excuses trap you into living a mediocre life...frustrated with your finances and aggravated by average living…

The World is waiting for you and it’s your time to profit from your passions. (name) it is time to accelerate your business growth—to achieve a flood of increase in SALES AND CLIENTS!
To sweeten the deal even more…I’m giving away  A FAST ACTION bonus.

When you Pay in Full today at $297,  you will save ($700) off your conference registration and bring a friend for FREE.  You’ll get a chance to meet other business owners, you’ll get to mix and mingle with Ariana and Stacia and her entire team. There will be  food, fun and games.  As well as pampering services and so much more! It’s truly an event you don’t want to miss!

If you’re anything like me... then you know and understand the benefit of acting fast…successful people take decisive action. They don’t wait around for all the ducks to line up…because the ducks—they never fully get aligned. You’ll start getting the results you want...when you take action.

Let me ask you, what are you waiting to do? On the other side of that ACTION is your SUCCESS!

What's it worth for you to live a life filled with everything you wish for...every moment with awesome power…A powerful business that is constantly finally be fulfilling your purpose in life and being on track with what your destiny truly should be?

Every success, dream, desire that has been waiting on you to claim it is now in position to be delivered to you.

What would you be willing to pay to finally take your life to the next level...start filling up your bank accounts consistently...finally live a life free from self-imposed barriers and soaring to your highest peak...impacting the world in a great way?

Especially when you consider the value of the information you’ll be getting and its impact on your business...

There are other people out there who will offer to work with you... to teach you how to turn your business into a profit. They would talk so far over your head and not give you any step-by-step solutions...leaving you more frustrated…

However, when you take out the time to come away with me for 3 days of intense training. You’ll be empowered and equipped with so many tools and valuable systems to get results in your business right away!

We're talking pivotal expansion and self-improvement that will yield a HUGE return on your investment and set you up for the BIGGEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

And over the course of years, that could easily be worth HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for you. And that doesn't even include the value of you feeling confident and secure enough to really step out and implement extraordinary ideas that will cause you to make more money while you are doing what you love.


Get Two General Admission Conference Tickets for ONLY...

Join the success at the WOMEN'S SUCCESS CONFERENCE.

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