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DAY 10.


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  1. Dr. Stacia!! I do not want these videos to end, lol. I have already done something to care for myself today! I am already a fashion blogger and I believe that I present myself well every time I step out of the house (lol), however, because I am relaunching my brand next year, I purchased couture dresses in my brand colors! I just want people to think of me whenever they see the colors purple and teal. I can’t wait to wear one of them to the Ultimate Success Tour in January!! 😀

  2. Zenzele-Leandria

    Good afternoon Dr. Stacia. I must confess that I have been receiving your emails for months and due to allowing life to bombard me with things, I never took the opportunity to read or participate in any of your Success opportunity. Well, this one was the one that I needed to jump start myself into greatness!! I just watch all ten video’s to get caught up and I will begin to do everything that I just watched. I don’t feel overwhelmed by what you said because it is what we should be doing in our lives on a regular basis anyway. I know that this will assist me in getting to the cash-flow that is in my future. Book that I’m about to read is called Enjoy Life by the awesome author. I think her name is Stacia Pierce!! #wink wink Thank you much.

  3. Tracie Threadford

    I have been watching these videos over and over today to make sure I didn’t miss anything, These videos are so on point. Today I did do some cold calls to customers and let them know about my end of the year blowout and made a little over $300 in doing so. The closets are clean, the car is clean, I have taken time for myself and made sure that my image is on point!!!! I am loving this series and I wish that it did not have to end. Will there be a way that we can go back and watch these videos whenever we need to after the 14 days? I sure hope so!!!

  4. Thanks Dr. Stacia for making video #10 about caring for yourself. I always think of others, which I find pleasure in seeing others happy and satisfied. I love it when I take the time to treat myself too. I will be scheduling a appointment for a massage. This Chaos to Cashflow video encouraged me to get my hair done, pedicure and manicure and just do things for me because I deserve it! Thanks again for the inspiration. Love Ya! ~God Bless You, Joyce

  5. I love this tip! As a wife and mom of 2 boys and a full=time employee and an entrepreneur I tend to put myself last and this helped me to see that I really need to invest in creature comforts for myself! I notice that when I do something nice for myself I have a little more patience for the kids, a little more understanding for my husband and I have confidence when I am in the process of making a sale.

  6. I bought new lipstick. I usually wear a lip balm with a tint. Next up mani/pedi and new hair color!