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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

She Went from 26k to Six Figures as a hairstylist

Have you ever felt challenged with figuring out how to go from ‘employee’ to entrepreneur? For hair Stylists and other freelancers, it can be a tough line to tow. Should you work in a shop and get a paycheck? Or do you take your career into your own hands, demolish the income cap and start earning unlimited amounts of money as an entrepreneur?

Watch Eshe’s video and be inspired by her amazing story.

When she started in Success Mastery, she was making the average income of a hair stylist. That’s about $23,000-$32,000/year. She didn’t even think she’d continue on as a hairstylist because, (in her own words) “I didn’t have an end game. I didn’t see myself doing it for the long term, because I didn’t think it would contribute to my family in a big way. I didn’t see potential in it.”

Did you notice she said, “I didn’t see the potential in it”

Until we worked on her mindset

THEN, everything changed.

She got herself out of her old environment and into my up-leveled environment, did the mindset work, let me stretch her (in a good way), learned from me, and now earns 10x the income of an average stylist. She’s a six-figure hair stylist.

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that your income potential is exponential. There is never a point where you can’t make any more money. You can pick any financial number and there is a way for you to make that. Want to make $100,000 a year? You can do that. Want to make $300,000 or even $500,000 a year? You can do that too. It all comes down to how organized and business savvy you get.

If you’re wondering why some business owners get stuck financially and feel like they’ve maxed out their income, it’s just because they’ve stopped making business decisions that allow them to grow.

Success Mastery gives you direction and accountability so that you can confidently make the right decisions that grow your business. The decisions we make in our business from actual experiences, feedback and results are so much better than the ones we decide in our heads.

In today’s video, you’ll also hear how important it is to align yourself with people who have a more expansive mindset and belief system. Even if you’re tempted to shrink back, the accountability of a coaching program can help you get the breakthrough you’ve always wanted.

If you’re like Eshe, who for the longest didn’t believe she could really achieve her dream life as a hair stylist, but is now exceeding her own expectations and growing more and more…then you’re ready for Success Mastery.

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