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My 5 Favorite Ways to Stay Creative
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My 5 Favorite Ways to Stay Creative

Creativity is a requirement for success. Both expertise in your area and creative thought are required to keep a business profitable.

No matter where in the world your business is based, from Istanbul to Idaho, you must tap into your creativity to stay profitable.

When profits are lagging, you need a creative idea to wake up your current customers (or attract new ones) and get those sales rolling in again.

Sometimes you need creative insight to take a new turn in your business or add new product or services to continue to meet the needs of your customers.

Creativity and prosperity go hand in hand. With coaching programs, private clients, conducting courses and caring for my family, there is a lot on my plate that requires my direct creative input.

I’m always in need of new, result oriented, income-increasing ideas. That being the case, I try to weave them into my daily routine to keep my creativity flowing. Knowing that your plate is quite full too, I wanted to share with you today a few things that keep me happily creative so I can consistently increase my revenue and enjoy the journey along the way.

Here are my five favorite ways to stay creative

1. Enjoy Nature
If you follow me on Instagram and peek into my stories you already know that my “thought walks” are a constant in my life. There’s just something about beautiful greenery and gorgeous florals that get my creative juices flowing.I work quite a bit and often late into the night, but each day I MAKE time to push back from my desk, loose my lap top and get some sunshine on my face. I breathe in deeply welcoming the fresh air into my lungs and I look around to absorb the beauty of God’s creation. What better way to stay creative than honoring the work of the ultimate creator? Whenever you feel a creative rut ensuing, try to grab at least 15 minutes of sunshine and fresh air to get your brain back in gear.

2. Take cues from my Style File
I absolutely adore fashion and it has often sparked ideas for many of my success tools, packaging, branding and even a few of my marketing campaigns. I love the allure of Instagram and how I can see a world of style with just a few follows. Then there is my passion for the old school glamour of grabbing a stack of magazines and pulling images that stand out to me and putting them in my look book or style file folder to refer to later.This helps when I’m working on a creative project –I can pull out my style files for inspiration. What inspires you? Art, fashion, bright colors, fresh florals, music? Whatever it is, keep it on hand in some shape or form when it’s time for you to tap into your creative flow.

3. Inspired input
For many years I’ve charged my creativity daily by taking in new, relevant information. Whether by book, audio program, webinar or podcast I keep my mind sharp and my ingenuity in “go mode” by making it a habit to learn something new. Don’t always wait until you need an idea to try to download information. Consistently nourish your brain with inspiring, positive, success-oriented material, expertise and knowledge. This will give your mind something to work with when you must come up with creative solutions.

4. Commitment to routines of self-care
The care and keep of you is essential to your ability to be innovative. It’s pretty difficult to perform at top notch creative levels when you feel exhausted and under valued. That’s why my commitment to the care of my self is unwavering.As an entrepreneur it’s very easy to get swept into the hustle and bustle of every day and neglect to take time out for yourself, so I began to infuse my self-care practices into my daily routine. These practices include essential oils, fresh juices and supplements. Pampering moments are sprinkled throughout my schedule: standing hair and nail appointments, an occasional massage and keeping a positive environment are some of the things that keep me looking and feeling my best (for more insight on my daily rituals click here).

5. Staying connected with quiet time
All of my creative insight is born of my quiet time—my business ideas, book titles, best selling products, you name it –all of it begins with my time alone to think, ponder and imagine.

Having a quiet space where you can think and meditate opens your mind to come up with witty ideas and solutions for every area of your life. There is nothing you can’t solve when you take time to think without interference from the outside world. I guard my quiet time with a vengeance.
In my quiet time I…

  • Script out my ideal outcome for my life and business each day so I can stay focused and attract the best results.
  • Ask God questions and receive creative solutions.
  • Visualize the possibilities and write down my bright ideas.

My time of quiet meditation and prayer is my most priceless practice so I always MAKE time for sitting still and stirring my creativity.

Let’s chat. I love hearing from you. In what areas would you like to be creative? Where do you need help concerning your creative flow? Comment below I’d love to help.

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  • Jamelle Sanders June 12, 2018, 9:45 AM

    Dr. Stacia this is really valuable! I believe all of the tips you shared are important for maintaining creativity. In the mornings, I always enjoy my quiet time and reflection. However, I am now adding that extra time in the evening as well. I’m incorporating more time for reflection and journaling to make sure I am prepared for the next day. Would you agree that how we end the day is just as important as how we start?

    • Stacia Pierce June 13, 2018, 10:36 AM

      Yes, ending your day with reflecting in your Journal helps you start your day energized and focused. You’re on the right path of achieving your goals, stay focused on what you write in your Success Journal and keep your actions in line with it.

  • Phyllis Lott June 17, 2018, 8:51 AM

    Thank you;this put my routine in perspective for me. I had difficulty getting self-care routine to flow. I was second guessing myself and in the evening, I did not get the gratitude and notes done due to reviewing if I completed my successful day well enough.