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Is Social Media and Keeping a Journal the same thing?
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Is Social Media and Keeping a Journal the same thing?


Lately, I’ve been getting this question about journaling from people everywhere I go. They want to know why write in a journal when you are basically documenting your life online through social media any way. These people think that the notion of writing with pen and paper is outdated and antiquated. They could not be more wrong.

As an avid writer, I know that what’s written is real and practicing the art of journaling consistently can change your life in major ways. There’s room in your life to do both. Especially if you learn to maximize the mediums, you can have tremendous success.

I for one, LOVE social media and I also LOVE journaling. To me they are not similar in any way, not even close. Why? Because my perspective on journaling is different from most. Instead of using journaling to just record daily activities and thoughts, I use journaling to write my own success story, to develop ideas, embrace a new way of thinking and to list my life—That’s completely different from anything that I use social media for.

I mainly use social media to promote my business and my brand. Through the process my audience gets to know me better and see my everyday life, but it is still only a snippet of what is going on in my world.

As business owners, you will find that social media is best used to increase engagement with your audience, form connections and alliances as well as convert them to customers. You can use social media to bring exposure to your brand and allow people to get to know your expertise. You can show them who you are and what you offer in a non-salesy, no pressure kind of way. Since we scroll through our time lines at leisure, we are in control of what content we want to take in or people we want to find more about. So when you, the business owner are shining bright under your social media light, you attract people who are like you and want what you are offering.

How can you do this? By sharing more about you and your business in a few different ways….

1. Post what you’re doing. This kind of post makes you appear more relatable, doing every day stuff just like the rest of us. Show an interesting view, your work desk, what you’re reading, or even a yummy dish.

2. Post what you’re thinking. A great quote or sound advice from your expert opinion is a good way to draw people to you who need to read what you’re sharing.

3. Show inviting pics of products. Let the world see what you offer. I recently heard about this quaint little burger shop in New York that became famous on Instagram for their incredibly creative milk shakes. The owner wanted to show his creations off on Instagram and the pics went viral. Now they have a line around the block every day. The people are lining up at the burger joint for a milkshake experience! What makes your product stand out in the crowd? Find creative ways to show them off online.

4. Post social proof. Do you have raving fans? Share their feedback with your audience. People want to know if you’re legit and it makes them feel more comfortable working with you when they know others have already gotten a great product or experience from you.

5. Post videos. There are so many options to show video on social media. Start doing this immediately if you want to build your audience. Video has a higher reach than photos on social media. You’ll impact your audience in a greater way.

Now, for journaling, you can be very strategic to ensure success. Instead of only recording how your day went, write down your intentions and how you want your day to go.

I use my journal to plot and plan my life. I also have intentional journaling methods that helps me to attract everything I want in my life. Here are seven ways to maximize your journal writing experience to benefit your life.


Seven secrets to maximizing your business and life with your Success Journal.

1. Ask money making questions and you’ll get money making answers…write them in your journal and flesh them out. Then take action!

2. Capture every intuitive thought. Writing has a way of triggering more inspiring thoughts and ideas. You’ll start turning your aha’s into action plans in a smooth effortless way.

3. Write down your dreams. There are often life clues in them for your next steps.

4. Write affirmations in your journal. I script my life’s movie with affirmations. Every month I write a new script—a picture of what’s possible for my life and business. Then I meditate on it often embodying the vision so that it becomes part of me.

5. Record your 101 goals in your journal. When you start a new one, rewrite your goals that have not manifested yet again in your new journal. I practice repetitive goal writing on a daily basis so that I stay focused on what I want to achieve. A lot of people write their goals only once and never look at them again. It’s impossible to achieve a goal that you’re not even aware of. By constantly reviewing your goals, you’ll become empowered to develop an action plan to achieve them and manifest the results more quickly.

6. Dream sketch, paste pictures in your journal and then describe what your images reflect with faith filled words. By placing my big vision in picture form inside my journal, I empower my mind to engage in small meditative moments throughout the day. These mini-visuals in my journal help me to stay centered on company goals and attract what I want quickly.

7. Start and end your day with what you are grateful for. Taking time to reflect on being grateful will open up a flood gate of goodness into your life and cause you to attract like a magnet more things that you desire and give you more to be grateful for. I always feel more energized and excited for what’s to come after creating my grateful list.

My entire business and life is a testament to the journaling process. I have manifested many major opportunities: appearance on the Steve Harvey show, becoming a finalist in Oprah’s Own Show contest, being featured in major magazines like Glamour, Success, Fortune, Forbes and Business News Daily…all of which started as a dream goal and written into my journals, which I later manifested. The manifestation happens because now you have a focused plan and you are doing the inner work.

Once you start intentionally writing your success story and expecting results, your eyes will be opened to many opportunities and paths to help you achieve your dreams. With the Success Journal, we’ve gotten several reports from customers who all have said they have gotten more done in 30 days using the journal than they have in a year’s time.

For more proof on the power of journaling check out my journaling case study here.

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  • Lucille Willis September 7, 2017, 8:56 PM

    Great information on effectively using social media and journaling. Thanks so much.

  • Rhonda VanHurley-Wilson September 8, 2017, 8:19 AM

    Love this article. Thank you for the 7 journaling tips. I’m going to copy the tips and paste in my journal as a focus reminder.

  • JARROD UDDIN September 12, 2017, 5:16 PM

    Phenomenal post! I love how you masterfully dissected the difference between social media positing and journaling. In effect, journaling really is the “inside-job”, the process and strategy to manifesting your dreams, while social media is the outlet to share those virtues with the world.

    • Stacia Pierce September 13, 2017, 9:31 AM

      Yes! It’s a phenomenal combo system to use! Journaling plus properly using social media is a way to maximize your results and fast! Love it!

  • Marilyn September 13, 2017, 10:52 AM

    Awesome info. I have been in the habit of journaling for almost 30 years and I totally agree. This article is so rich and refreshing.

    Thanks, Marilyn

    • Stacia Pierce September 14, 2017, 4:32 PM

      I am glad that you enjoyed it Marilyn. Journaling is such a powerful process and I have truly enjoyed the benefits of writing for a long time.

  • Cassandra Freeman November 3, 2017, 10:09 AM

    Dr. Stacia this is amazing! You have out done yourself with this post! I loved journaling, and you Success Journal makes the journaling process come alive! Thank you!