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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

How Entrepreneurs Use Their Imagination to Grow Their Business


We are just days away from the new year, and I believe that 2017 is going to be a BIG year for you! You’re going to do things you’ve never done before, go where you’ve never gone, make more money than ever and experience a rich bounty of success, wealth and happiness!

There is a catch, though – you must first identify, connect and accept this as your reality and start seeing it happening in your own life.

It’s vitally important that you go into the new year with a vision for what your year will be like. As the old adage goes – what you see is what you get!

Let’s pause for a second, close your eyes and begin to see your most successful year ever. Think about all the new clients, contracts, connections…money flowing into your business, ideas illuminating in your mind. Think on these things for at least a minute, then come back and read the rest…

Now that you have a vision in your mind of a successful year, the next step is to make that image more concrete by vision boarding.

Vision boarding is a powerful tool for seeing your desired outcomes now and making them happen in your future. For years, I’ve practiced visualization to achieve my dreams and goals. Many successful people use the power of visualization through vision boards and vision pages to manifest their greatest desires. This act empowers your imagination to focus on what you want until it becomes a reality in your life.

Allow yourself to dream again. What is your life’s dream? What is the income you truly desire to have from your business? What would you do right now… if you had no limits? Have you hidden your dream in the back of your mind somewhere? It’s time you dust it off and get back to doing what you were meant to do all along.

How can I use my imagination to grow my business?

The process of creating a vision board helps you to materialize your thoughts using pictures, words and phrases to get a visual of what was in your head. The process helps you to clarify your desires. You can recognize patterns, themes and dominant desires by assessing the images you chose for the board.  Once you are clear on what you want, assembling your board is easy and fun to do. The exciting energy you feel while assembling the board, is hope. You’re now excited about tomorrow and what’s to come for your life. You can attract success much faster by focusing on the image collage and seeing it happen for you daily.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of my vision board?

Maybe you’ve used a vision board in the past, but you didn’t see the results you were hoping for. What you may not know is that you are more likely to produce results from your board when you apply affirmations, meditation and visualization.

Your vision board becomes magnetized when you spend time meditating and realizing the images on the board. Visualization is when you see yourself with what it is you want. When you do this, you are generating thoughts and feelings of having it now. Follow up your meditation with affirmation, where you talk with expectation about the things on your board. You can write an affirmation in declarative statements using the present tense to verbally express your desires.

When you powerfully focus your thoughts on the board, it produces equally powerful feelings. As the feeling becomes real to you, you will begin to attract opportunities and ideas on how to get what is on your board.

Take 5-10 minutes to envision everything on your board happening just the way you want it to. Picture deals done, contracts signed, new clients obtained or a dream accomplished. See it in as much detail as possible—the sight, touch, sound and feel of it. If you continue this process every day, you’ll be astonished at the results. Your subconscious mind will begin to steer you in the direction of bringing those things to pass that you visualized.

For a more intentional way of using your imagination to visualize your life, I created vision pages in The Success Journal.  Like the vision board, you create collages. However, with The Success Journal, there’s a vision page for every week, so that you can zero in on a weekly vision for your business and life. I use Sundays to write a weekly goals list. Then I create my vision page, taking time to carefully add images of what I want to see happen for me in the upcoming week. This process has helped me manifest things more quickly because I have a narrow focus with a timeline.

As you paste in pictures and phrases that correspond with your dreams, you reinforce your ability to have those things in your subconscious mind. Rather than focusing on your fears like most people, you will begin to focus on those things that you truly want and that will bring fulfillment. You can attract your dream life right to you!

I also have big vision boards as well. Here’s the process of creating a vision board, step-by-step so you can start visualizing and manifesting your perfect year now!


How to Create a Vision Board:

STEP ONE:  Gather the supplies you need: glue sticks, foam core board or poster board, magazine on your favorite topics of interest and scissors.

STEP TWO: Create a focus title for your board or vision page. The title is a way for you to personalize the board and give yourself a focus. The title will help sum up what your collage is about and will also help direct your choice of pictures and words to build your collage around.

STEP THREE: Cut out pictures, words and phrases to create your collage. Now it’s time to find the pictures, words and phrases that depict your mental image. Look in magazines, brochures, catalogs and advertisements for pictures, or you can take new photos or use ones you already have.

STEP FOUR: Meditate on your vision board. Place the board in a place where you can see it often. You can put it near your desk, in your closet or next to your bed. Spend time daily looking at the pictures and thinking about how you will feel when you have, be or do what is on the board.

The pictures you have pasted on your board provide you with a visual target for your goals. Make a practice of meditating on your collage pages regularly. Take some quiet time to look at and absorb the collages. Each picture, word or phrase is a reflection of your passions, interests and desires.

STEP FIVE: Implement the power of affirmations. Begin to say verbal affirmations about your board daily. Say words out loud to yourself daily, and soon they will become ingrained in you and a permanent part of your thinking.

STEP SIX: Turn your visualization into action. You must take steps toward the dreams you have posted. For example, if you have posted pictures of your dream vacation, take action by purchasing a book about that destination. If you want a million-dollar home, go take a tour of houses in the neighborhood you want to live in. Whatever it is, do something. When you do your part, you will powerfully attract your dreams to you like a magnet and speed up your manifestation.

Another way of creating a storyboard is by using the online vision board tool, Pinterest allows you to digitally collect pictures and categorize them by themes. I’ve used Pinterest to collage images for my vision board as well as my digital storyboard. The manifestation method is still the same, whether you’re using an online tool or magazines and a poster board.

Whatever method of visualization you use, be sure to…

  • Meditate on your vision board often and soak up the inspiration that it gives off for you.
  • Inject yourself into your vision board, see yourself living in that reality.
  • Be grateful for all of the good things that have already manifested in your life.
  • Meditate on your board right before bed with intention so that your thoughts and dreams are focused in that area.

Make 2017 the year you break out and go BIG! Use the power of vision boarding to see more of your goals and dreams come to pass than ever before. The power lies in your ability to believe. Believe that what you see and say will manifest in your life, and it will.

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  • Angela December 22, 2016, 5:51 PM

    I love this life changing information! I have used a vision board to manifest, my husband, home, children, my first book I author and so much more.I know it works. The way you explain how to properly use your vision board to yield results is revolutionary, I love using my Success Journal to write my goals and dreams down. One of the things I’ve written I my success journal is to get contracts to speak to young girls. I manifest Job Corp asking me to speak at their facility to over 186 girls from the ages 18-25. Visualization Works! I am a believer. I thank You Dr. Stacia and Ariana for being amazing coaches

    • Stacia Pierce January 2, 2017, 12:35 PM

      Wow and wow! I love hearing testimonials of how creating a vision board has an impact on people’s lives and you have definitely learned how to create a funnel of success using it! So awesome Angela.

  • Lucille January 19, 2017, 5:54 PM

    I love doing vision boards and vision pages in my Success journal. I have even helped close friends/family start their vision board to help motivate them for success.