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How to Overcome Entrepreneur Money Blocks
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How to Overcome Entrepreneur Money Blocks

Feelings Matter. How you think and feel about money directly affects the growth of your business as well as your overall ability to succeed. When your thoughts, feelings and actions are positive, faith filled and focused in the direction of your dreams, you are ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPPABLE! Likewise, when your thoughts feeling and actions run amuck, you either create or fortify money blocks that starve increase right out of your life. Money blocks are made up mental barriers that cause you to stay stuck in a money rut. How you feel, think and handle money is the key to unlocking the blocks that may be holding you back.

Let’s be honest. Success is uncomfortable. It takes a lot of work and it requires YOU TO CHANGE.

So many times we say that we want super-sized levels of success, but our feelings towards the change that success requires causes us to slow down our pursuit of it. The reality is, failure and falling short of your goals is easy. You’ll have a lot of company and you won’t have to do much changing.

The thing is, I don’t believe that’s how you want to spend your life. The fact that you’re even reading this post means that somewhere within, you desire and are searching for a better life and more success—and THAT’S OKAY!  So lets get the bottom of what’s really blocking you from the money you want to make, then blast those barriers out of the way.

What’s your REAL money mentality?
Warning: Stop reading right now if you want to stay comfortable and don’t really feel like moving forward in life.But if you need to get out of a rut or burst through a plateau you keep hitting in your income, grab your journal and pay very close attention. Every one of us were taught a money mentality, usually during our childhood, which still influences our beliefs, actions and feelings about money.Did you grow up hearing…
* Money doesn’t grow on trees.
* We can’t afford that.
* It doesn’t take all that.
* No one needs all that money!
* That’s just too much!
* I can’t take all of these bills!
* We’re broke.
* No- we’re not getting that, money is too hard to come by!

All of these phrases are really vocalized beliefs about money that can create deeply rooted mental blocks which tend to rare up periodically to sabotage your success.

I have a client who followed my Success Mastery Coaching program to the tee and experienced success in her business very quickly. Within a few months she nearly doubled her clientele and had quite a surge in her income. After sharing her testimony with me on how well the program was working for her, she began to break down. “What if I can’t maintain this?” Maybe I shouldn’t have done things so quickly- what if I lose everything?” It CANNOT be this easy to make money!”

I recognized right away that this conversation was based in fear and her mental money blocks were speaking. She was a hard worker who had diligently put in the effort to succeed at her business. Once she combined her work ethic with my coaching systems she quickly attracted new levels of success. So during one of her VIP sessions with me we began to talk more about mindset and the hurt, fears and bad memories associated with lack in her childhood. After a few tears and a very candid session we demolished her money blocks and today several years later she brings in over six figures.

You were created to move mountains so money blocks are no problem! Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneur Money Blocks once and for all, so you can propel your income to where you want it to be.

1.Give Yourself a Permission Slip
Giving yourself permission to profit requires you to release the barriers that block your progress and embrace the action that will carry you to your next level. Stop seeking the approval of others to succeed. Success is your right. Take a moment to pause and write in your journal right now. “ I am worthy of all the success I desire!” Write across the whole page.  Sign the bottom of it and post it on your bathroom mirror where you can see it daily. This is your official success permission slip. God wants you to have the best this life has to offer. You don’t need anyone else’s approval to pursue the life you want.

This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with purpose partners and get it people who understand what it takes to succeed and support your pursuit of a better life. Friends and loved ones who celebrate you, not tolerate you. Your ability to manifest money in your business is directly impacted by the minds you surround yourself with. Review your relationships then prioritize accordingly. If you are joining us for the Women’s Success Conference in July, you’ll meet a whole tribe of women entrepreneurs who will cheer you on throughout your success journey.  I believe in you! Let’s do this together!

2. Let Love Lead the Way
Love yourself, treat yourself well and smile at yourself! You’ll move more money blocks when you have a positive self-image about who you are and what you can do. It’s harder to sell others on your business products and services when you aren’t sold on yourself. It’s also easier to celebrate others when you can celebrate yourself.

3. Get Serious About Your Success Props
Infusing your environment with success props is not frivolous or child’s play. Money blocks can be dissolved with the right tools. You can avoid becoming stagnant by keeping props in plan view that trigger your imagination, affirm your aspirations, remind you of your goals and keep you focused on what you’re striving for. So yes it’s super important that you really…
Use your journal to script your way to success.
Create a vision board that illustrates your dreams.
Use your goal cards to stay focused.
Speak your success affirmations out loud daily.I love visual imagery that empowers me to fast track my manifestation process, so I created a collection of success tools to keep the success attraction process active in my life and business. These kinds of weekly practices are important to keep the vision before you, so I always encourage my clients not to skip this part of their business efforts. When you use visual success triggers to stay focused on your intentions, you will get more accomplished.

4. Stay clear of casual conversations that cut into your income.
Words have power and even your casual conversations are reaffirming and shaping your success. So never say things like…
“These kids are taking all of my money.”
“I’m too broke to pay attention.”
“Only in my dreams could I afford something like that.”
Such chat is still detrimental to your dreams. Only use your words to create the outcome you really want in life and business.

5. Get Into Your Head
Be more intentional about your thinking. Stop now for a moment and evaluate your daily thoughts. What have you been thinking about all day? Have you been pondering ways to be more productive?Are you happily meditating on how good life is and how grateful you are? Have you been imagining the outcome you really want or are you constantly pondering problems? Be aware of your thoughts. As a man thinketh so is he. This is why journalizing is so important. Everyday I write my thoughts, feelings and dreams about my business in my journal. Once a week I review what I’ve written. Taking inventory of my thoughts this way helps me ensure my thinking is on track with what I want to accomplish.

6. Give Your Beliefs a Boost
Your money mindset is key to amassing wealth. Before you’ll ever profit big, you must believe that you can. To overcome entrepreneur money blocks and hinder them from forming the future you’ve got to increase your belief, toss out your old thinking and adopt a new wealth mentality. Before I ever manifested large sums of money, I boosted my ability to believe by becoming wealthy in my heart and mind. I purposefully spent time consuming information that helped me to get rid of mental blocks and hindering habits so that I could create a vacuum for wealth.Information changes the seasons of your life. You can start by listening to audio programs daily for at least one hour. Just be sure to avoid adding new information to your old mindset. This will yield no results for you. You have to completely surrender to a new way of thinking. Willingly release your old thoughts about money and adopt a new, more positive and profitable way of thinking.

7. Don’t Play Money Tricks that Ruin Your Revenue
The law of sowing and reaping is always in motion. Therefore, you want to make sure that you’re not involved with a bunch of trickery concerning other people’s money when you’re trying to grow your own.Let integrity influence your actions and keep increase flowing your way. Little things like…
Not paying on time.
Pretending you didn’t receive a product or service so you can get a refund or an additional item for free.
Returning products/programs after you’ve read or used them.
Not finishing/ refusing to pay for programs just because you’ve lost interest or want the money for something else.
Stopping payment on products or services you’ve already received.

We’ve seen it all in our office. Once, I had a woman (who called herself a manifestation coach) say she didn’t receive a course she purchased from us. When I checked our systems and found she had been dishonest I reached out to her. She admitted it and confessed she created the fuss because she wanted two products. These are the little tricks that shrink your bottom line. When things are not going well, check your trickery calculator, cheating others never adds up. Dishonesty on any level, always leads to lack and loss.

If you sign up for a program, finish paying for it.  Always try to be the kind of customer you desire to have in your own business.  Most of the time it’s better to swear to your own hurt so you can keep money blocks from forming in your life and cash flow coming your way.

8. Abandon the Excuses that Exterminate Your Profits.
Life happens to us all. Challenges never have great timing, so it’s best to learn how to roll with the punches. High achievers push past excuses and get things done. Take a look over your life and try to pinpoint reoccurring cycles.

For example, if every time you get on the right track and your business begins to thrive…You get sick, someone in your family gets sick, someone asks you to borrow money, family drama ensues, or some random craziness occurs, you now have two choices. You can either excuse yourself to slow down because, “I just have too much going on right now.”

…Or you can get a plan to press past it all and graduate to a new level of success.

When falling short of your goals or you’re faced with poor results, it’s natural to cue the regular excuses, “I’m too tired.” “I didn’t have enough time.” “People aren’t buying_______. “They really needed the money.” “I’ll just go next year.” I’ll just do it next time” “You don’t understand, my situation is different…” etc.However, excuses will never help you manifest your dreams. They only help you waste years of your life and feel more comfortable being average. Try something different for the rest of the year, take a no excuse approach, stop your self-sabotaging ways and get a new vision for your success. You’ll be astounded by how much you get done.

You are a wonderful person and worthy of all this life has to offer.  Don’t sell yourself short by allowing money blocks to keep you from the prosperous, happy life you deserve.  Take these things to heart, adjust swiftly and open the floodgates for abundance.

Where have money blocks held you back on your journey to success? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.  I’d love to help.


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    Love it!! Such great positive reminders!!

  • Rhonda VanHurley-Wilson July 7, 2017, 2:39 PM

    What an amazing article. This information is so right on time. Dr. Stacia you always know exactly what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. Thank you for inspiring us to succeed in life and business.

  • Jackie Wilson July 7, 2017, 3:34 PM

    This is remarkable and valuable information… Thank you once again for bringing me back to reality to do the work… Because when you put in the work you will get the results…

  • Amber Martin July 7, 2017, 5:34 PM

    This was very helpful. I will be joining you in July, and have taken the Pathway 2 Purpose. You re-motivated me to finish and exhibit my idea board that has my “My Ideal Day” and “My Purpose Files” documents affixed. I truly appreciate you, and I am not allowing anything impact my positive business thoughts.
    Thank you!!

  • Lamont w. July 7, 2017, 8:06 PM

    Great article

  • Jamelle Sanders July 7, 2017, 9:16 PM

    Wow Dr. Stacia! I’ll be sharing this because so many people need to read this. You deal with all the prohibiting forces that block many from prospering.

  • Vanity July 8, 2017, 7:38 AM

    Very informative! I really needed this.

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    Wow this made SO much sense. Something just clicked for me while reading! I want to work towards my goals with NO EXCUSES! Thank you for this article.

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