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How to Listen to Your Intuition for Business Success

As entrepreneurs we all aspire to succeed and enjoy the freedom based life style that being your own boss provides for you. The specifics of our “Whys” may vary but for the most part the end game for us all is to enjoy healthy, happy, impactful lives where we can provide well for our loved ones and ourselves. This is why we work—but how do we get to this level of success? – And better yet how do we stay there?

Owning running and thriving in business is not an easy task, yet there are some entrepreneurs that have succeeded in business at extraordinary levels. What’s their secret?

As a success coach and owner of multiple thriving businesses I’ve discovered one common denominator among all highly successful people with entrepreneurial spirits–from Jack Canfield (see our new book here) to Oprah to Beyonce to the late Steve Jobs…

People who are extraordinarily successful have mastered the art of trusting their gut

Billionaire and media mogul Oprah says she as always trusted her gut for her business decisions. In a recent Own magazine article she shares; “For all the major moves in my life—to Baltimore, to Chicago, to own my show, and to end it—I’ve trusted my instincts.” I take in all the information I can gather. I listen to proposals, ideas, and advice. Then I go with my gut, what my heart feels most strongly.”

John Paul Dejoria
In the 80’s John Paul Dejoria and business partner Paul Mitchell developed a line of hair products and a new way to distribute them- selling exclusively to salon owners and hairstylists. When a primary investor abandoned them at the last minute John and Paul trusted their intuition, moved forward anyway and figured out what had to be done to meet a tradeshow deadline and introduce their products to the world. The rest is history. Today, their company, Paul Mitchell Systems, has an estimated billion dollars in annual revenue.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs trusted his gut when against the norm he led Apple to run a sophisticated operating system (normally only found on desktop computers) on a mobile device and created the revolutionary iPhone. It was reported that as of July 2016 over a billion iPhones have been sold.

Beyonce trusted her gut and changed the game for how artist share their work with her 2013 self-titled, surprise album, BEYONCE. Stripped of traditional marketing campaigns Beyonce did a heart lead project with a tremendous payoff. With the release of BEYONCE She did 430,000 copies in just one day in America alone. Additionally, according to USA today, until Adele’s 25, it was the fastest selling record in the history of iTunes.

Building a business is more than just products, marketing plans and spreadsheets. It is a deeply transformative process that requires work from the inside out. I’ve learned more about business and made more money when I started trusting my gut, implementing what I’ve learned, going with ideas that spoke to me and taking fast action.


1. Practice the art of solitude so you can learn to hear your inner voice
. MAKE YOURSELF pause for moments of alone time; especially when you have big decisions to make. Allow your mind to get quiet. An active mind cannot hear intuition’s quiet hunch. The more you practice hearing the still small voice within, you’ll recognize it faster and know exactly what to do when you hear it.

2. Expect for your intuition to kick in. Research and gather all of your facts, know your numbers then get quiet and follow your heart. The best business decisions are made from within not simply based on data.
3. Journalize. Writing things down brings clarity and allows your hunches to be heard and recorded so you can refer back to them and take action. Countless times I’ve had a hunch about something, wrote it down in my journal and when the time was right I could go back to my written plan. I did this years ago with the Women’s Success Conference. Back when it wasn’t popular for women to aggressively pursue their business goals, I heard in my quiet time to change the name of my annual conference to the women’s success conference. I felt it was time to shift and focus on empowering women to profit from their passions and create empires of their own. Show them that you can have an awesome marriage, wonderful family and be a boss lady all at the same time. This July we celebrate our 20th anniversary; and I’m inviting you to come celebrate with me. So many lives have been changed due to the Women’s Success Conference and it all started as a hunch.

4. Once you get a hunch, take action. Great motion starts with one brave step.

When you need more than brains, books and business know-how, to make things happen… tune in to your intuition. It is the all-knowing compass that can assist you in achieving success at an accelerated rate in every area of your life.

Where do you need to trust your gut more? What changes will you make this week to begin to allow your intuition to lead the way? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear about it and help.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Erin K. Johnson May 12, 2017, 12:29 PM

    This post is exactly what I needed! I’m in the midst of closing a major deal this month and I know if I follow your outlined steps and trust my intuition and take fast action… everything will go as planned. Thank you!

  • Jamelle Sanders May 13, 2017, 11:17 AM

    Dr. Stacia, I am living testament to this! All the major opportunities in my life have come from following my gut. Awesome post!

  • Fatimah May 13, 2017, 1:11 PM

    This message is so timely! I’m sitting with documents and data about a potential business deal. Truly there’s no right or wrong way to go. It’s up to my intuition to lead me to my next move.

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