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How to Grow Your Business Harmoniously with Your Family

I was recently featured on a site for the U.S. Chamber of commerce, which highlights the stories of U.S. Business owners. This feature in particular was for their series Becoming the Boss, which celebrates small business owners who have made the transition from solo-entrepreneur to employer. I was asked to give them an inside look at how I was able to grow my business harmoniously with my family. As a business owner mom and wife who has grown my business from the ground up, I completely understand the challenges of transitioning from full-time mom to full-time entrepreneur without losing my mind or family in the process.

One of the reasons I created my coaching business was to help other women do the same. Our express goal is to help them grow their businesses, increase revenues and achieve their most desired dreams, but not to lose their personal lives — and sanity — in the midst of it all. I know what it’s like and how to make it work because I’ve been through it, and am still going through it.
The article is has been shared hundreds of times and in dozens of interviews I’m asked about this topic again and again. How do you build a business and nurture your family at the same time?
Good news is it can definitely be done. My life has become living proof of this. Better news is that building a business along with your family doesn’t have to be drudgery or chaotic. You can love yourself, love what you do, make money, enjoy life and love your family all at the same time. Here are 4 of my favorite take-aways on this topic.

Let Them Play while you Profit.
Both of my parents were entrepreneurs. My father was an independent Realtor and my mom owned a cleaning business. Over the years as I played, did homework and hung out with my friends; I saw my parents work hard, serve their customers well and give their all to grow their businesses. This was the backdrop of my life and it impacted me greatly. Years later, my own children would play at my feet as I handled orders, went over the books and worked on product launches. Just like my parents did with me, I taught them success principles as they played. Explained to them the benefits and responsibility of being your own boss and helped them learn from my journey all while they enjoyed their childhood. You can successfully raise your kids and run your business simultaneously, it’s just a matter of planning, positive perspective and daily effort.

I love that I did not wait for my children to grow to give credence to the ideas and dreams that were bubbling inside of me. Now, the entrepreneurial spirit is an underlying foundation in our home. My children were my first employees. Well, actually more like unpaid interns. Now they both have their own flourishing businesses and life work. Ariana coaches along side me, in our Success Mastery Academy, is a highly influential fashion blogger ( and is running mulitple companies: Her Style & Travel Girl travel accessories and Superstar Nail Lacquer which both can be found at Ryan is a sought after men’s fashion blogger, (@kwantumkid) has authored a motivational book for children, If You Think You Can You Can, You Can.  If You Think You Can’t You Can’t and currently working in film production.

Write your business endeavors and family life as ONE success story.
As I envisioned and wrote about my success, I didn’t separate my business from my family life. I decided that I wasn’t going to chose between being a great mom and wife and being an extremely successful entrepreneur. I was going to do both! I saw my business as a way to empower other women, and also to generate the means for the life I wanted our family to have.

Every morning I would write in my journal the top three things I wanted to accomplish. I scripted my day. I put my desired outcome on paper. Very early in the morning you’d find me scripting, planning, creating lists, doodling and pasting pictures that represented my vision. I did this so often and so passionately that I eventually created my own Success Journal to accommodate my process. I wrote down the dreams and goals I had for my family’s future as well as my business plans and ideas. Journaling is literally the foundation to everything I do.

Write your way to success in BOTH life and business. You don’t have to journal perfectly (I didn’t). You don’t have to do it for hours at a time; (I couldn’t) when I first started I had two little ones. –But you must do it! What’s written is real. If you want to start directing your life’s outcome instead of just taking what’s handed to you; script your life. Write your success story the way YOU want it to be.

Don’t Stress, Follow Your Gut
Never get stressed about what you can’t do and then do what’s most important at the time. You can’t be everywhere for everyone, but there is someplace where you must show up to make everything else work out. Follow your intuition and show up in that place, whether it is at home or at work, and everything else will work itself out.

Get help as you strive for success
Add help, as you are able. As my business and profits grew, I gradually built a strong team to help support my vision in my home and in the office. My mom helped with the children before I could hire (or get myself to trust) a nanny. Eventually I got a nanny so I had quiet time to answer calls and work on my products and programs. Next, my first official business hire was a personal assistant who had graphic design skills and some tech skills, which greatly changed the game for me and put my mind at ease, allowing me to focus on what I do best.(above) a candid shot of me having fun coaching my clients and working at home per usual (below) one of my favorite shots from the Ultimate Success Tour photoshoot.
Another big part of my help was investing in myself with books, audio programs, live workshops and coaching courses. A large portion of my income has always gone to personal growth for my family and myself. My dad always taught me that a part of the success process was feeding your mind and growing as a person. He challenged (and sometimes bribed) me into becoming an avid reader. At thirteen, he would take me to seminars to see the greats like Zig Ziglar and made me listen to audio programs from Napoleon Hill.

The balancing act of building a thriving company and household can be quite a challenge and easily overwhelming! However, I’m thankful that I learned at a young age to flood my mind with new information and stay connected to the right mentors and coaches so that I could flourish.

To hear more on this you can enjoy the entire feature on  What’s your biggest challenge in working to build your business harmoniously with your family?  Ask your questions below, I’d love to help.

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