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How to Change Your Business and Your Life in One Day- Los Angeles Tour Recap

Is it possible to change your life in one day? I believe so.I’m convinced that one experience, one conversation, one connection can set your life on course for success in business and all that you do. I’ve seen it happen too many times in my life and the life of my clients to believe otherwise. The Prosperity Tour is one of those divine destinations where you can honestly experience a life changing day.

This years tour has been different. Late last year when we were planning the stops and the content, I scripted in my journal that I wanted this tour to be our best yet. I wanted people to walk away with content and information that could change their lives immediately. And that’s exactly whats been happening!

Our last tour in Los Angeles, California at the W hotel in Hollywood was a game changer for sure. We are still getting reports on all the money-making and boss moves that are happening as a result of our attendees spending the day with Ariana and I.

From check in to the very last session there were good vibes, new friends and money making ideas generated throughout the day!

I want you to prosper. I want you to live the life you been dreaming about. You know the one where you have an abundance of clients, your business is thriving and new houses, cars vacations, great schools for your children, the ability to be a blessing to others and all the other things that your heart desires is no longer a wish but your reality!

So what’s the formula to go from a weary “Lord help can I just make one sale today?” (insert frustrated emoji face) to a fervent “Yes! All I make is money moves!” (insert praise hands and money bag emojis)

Here it is
1. Get solid on your decision to attend – Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from being there and getting your breakthrough. Come expecting to get the answers you need.

2. Attend and participate – Once you get there, be present. Listen with an open heart. Take very good notes. The whole day will be bursting with creative ideas, real life strategies that work and content that can immediately shift your thinking and position you for the success you deserve. And don’t forget to say hi to Ariana and I. We want to see your face, give you a hug and personally wish you well on the next phase of your success journey.

3. Take action –
While you are in the sessions you’ll receive business solutions, income increase ideas and the life changing answers you’ve been looking for.  They will flow to your mind all day. Write them down. Believe in the possibilities and take action. Make a phone call, send an email, set up a meeting. Take action as fast as you can to set your new level of success in motion. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful things that can happen when you put what you’re learning in motion.My top level clients Dr. Jason Littleton and celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright share about the big money and incredible business breakthroughs they experienced as a result of taking fast action on the information they’ve learned while on tour and coaching with me in my Success Mastery Coaching Program.

While at our Prosperity tour, many people have made lucrative deals right on the spot or immediately after the sessions. I’m always so excited to hear the tour testimonials that come from those who take immediate action on what they’ve learned.

Listen, we are already in the second quarter and I’ve decided that I WILL NOT let this year pass by without meeting my life goals, hitting my money marks and making an incredible impact on the world around me. I put the prosperity tour in place to help me a take a whole tribe of boss babes with me on this journey of undeniable success.

This is your time to prosper
You deserve unlimited success
the world really does need you and what you have to offer
…And it can all start in one day

I showed you what happened in LA now you have 2 more chances to join in on this life changing party and prosper. New York and Atlanta. Click here to reserve your seat.

Ariana and I are going to spend the day sharing strategies and helping you remove your money blocks so you can walk into real wealth. So let’s chat. Where are you stuck right now concerning your income? Where do you need help in your business? What do you suspect is blocking your cashflow?

Comment below I’m ready to help!

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
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  • Tamara April 18, 2018, 12:58 PM

    I own a retail boutique (brick and mortar) no foot traffic therefore no sales have been made. No sales are happening therefore no income is generated.

    • Stacia Pierce April 20, 2018, 1:18 AM

      Tamara, the Prosperity Tour stop will help you tremendously. When you get into a situation where you need a steady flow of traffic, you need to know what to do and a strategy to bring them in. Our next stop is this Saturday in New York and Atlanta in May. I would love for you to attend so we can create a buzz in your business.