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From laying Concrete to a Six Figure Cupcake Business
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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

From laying Concrete to a Six Figure Cupcake Business

From concrete to cupcakes!


You’re never too old or young to start profiting from your passion.

I want to introduce you to Jackie.

Jackie is a wonderful baker. She makes the yummiest goodies that you can imagine. She enjoys it and is always coming up with new recipes for tasty treats. But for a long time, Jackie had put away her baking utensils…she worked full time laying concrete as a construction worker.

But then one day her passion was reignited and she joined Success Mastery to learn how to turn her hobby into a viable business. As an older person, on the verge of retirement, Jackie saw this as the perfect opportunity to do what she loved.

While in the program, She learned about marketing online, packaging her goods and strategically attracting her ideal clients. She even went through a personal transformation! Within a year’s time Jackie was running her own fabulous cupcake business! She was doing so well, she bought her own cupcake truck and is now delivering sweet treats all over town!

Watch her video here to see Jackie’s full transformation…


Do you have a hobby that you love doing? Are you ready to turn it into something more profitable? There’s an entire world of people who are interested in buying your product and services. In Success Mastery, we will show you how to position yourself so that you can be seen by your ideal audience for maximum conversion.

Jackie fine-tuned her niche and launched her own concierge dessert company. She went from laying concrete on her job to baking cupcakes for high profile clients like Betsy Johnson. She was also hand-picked to audition for Cupcake Wars…

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  • Jacqueline August 28, 2017, 11:25 PM

    Dr. Stacia and Ariana are the most phenomenal life coaches in the world. Without their guidances I would of gave up along time ago.. There wouldn’t be a Eat My Treat! I’m forever grateful and thankful for having them in my life and business.. If you are looking to start a business or have a business I recommend their coaching program.. It’s more than being in a coaching program, its like being in a family who cares…