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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

Success doesn’t happen overnight; and more often than not, it’s not the big huge wins that lead to a lifetime of abundance and happiness. (Though big wins are always awesome and cause for celebration.) However, if truth be told, it’s your little wins, daily practices and personal habits that keep you on track to succeed Click here to read more.

Order Precedes Increase

Overere, one  of my long time coaching clients shared how he increased production and efficiency in his brick and mortar business very quickly—way faster than he thought was possible. After years of running a moderately successful business, he was feeling overwhelmed—all over the place, trying to run the whole business by himself, bootstrapping, figuring things Click here to read more.

Earlier this week My daughter, Ariana, and I were included on’s annual list of 24 Books Successful People Read. It’s a curated list of books that help you to be successful in your business and life. Being listed among other great authors is such an honor and we hope to touch many people’s lives Click here to read more.

  Lately, I’ve been getting this question about journaling from people everywhere I go. They want to know why write in a journal when you are basically documenting your life online through social media any way. These people think that the notion of writing with pen and paper is outdated and antiquated. They could not Click here to read more.

  I’ve got a story to share with you today about nurse who is close to retirement and decided to boldly claim financial freedom. She wanted to secure her financial future and know for sure that she’d have money to do whatever she wanted after retirement. In Success Mastery, she gained so much clarity around Click here to read more.

How To Be A Happy Girl Boss

Have you ever considered how your emotions play a role in your productivity? Maybe you started your day feeling great and hopeful and then something happen that steals your joy, now you’re feeling low, can’t hardly think straight and consequently get nothing done. I Know that I’ve been there before, stuck in the constant ebb Click here to read more.

  You’re never too old or young to start profiting from your passion. I want to introduce you to Jackie. Jackie is a wonderful baker. She makes the yummiest goodies that you can imagine. She enjoys it and is always coming up with new recipes for tasty treats. But for a long time, Jackie had Click here to read more.

When Marjorie first started her Daycare business, she had so much knowledge and love to give to her students. But she was missing one thing…lots of students! Then, one day, that completely changed when she decided to invest in herself by investing in her business. Here’s what she shared: I had no idea how to Click here to read more.

  If you’ve been following me for some time now, then you’ve likely become familiar with my success tools. I have several different products to help you become more organized and intentional about daily success in your life and business. Many people often just buy all the tools because they want to get major results. Click here to read more.

Do you know that one conversation with the right person can change your life forever? Jada, one of our Success Mastery students came to a mastermind and left 30k richer after one conversation. She and I strategized a marketing plan for her new coaching program and everything else just happened quickly and organically. It was Click here to read more.

[VIDEO] My Success Story

    For my 50th milestone birthday, my team wanted to do something special for me to commemorate the occasion. So they interviewed me and then put together a movie of my life’s success path. I love success stories, and watching my own in this way really brought me to tears. I actually laughed, cried Click here to read more.

Do you feel like you’re a jack of all trades or that you’re trying to reach everyone in the world with your products? That has to be tiring, right? It’s also very stressful.  As my client Aesha describes it the pressure and overwhelm she felt, trying to meet the needs of everyone as “adrenal fatigue” Click here to read more.