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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

  If you’ve been following me for some time now, then you’ve likely become familiar with my success tools. I have several different products to help you become more organized and intentional about daily success in your life and business. Many people often just buy all the tools because they want to get major results. Click here to read more.

Do you know that one conversation with the right person can change your life forever? Jada, one of our Success Mastery students came to a mastermind and left 30k richer after one conversation. She and I strategized a marketing plan for her new coaching program and everything else just happened quickly and organically. It was Click here to read more.

[VIDEO] My Success Story

    For my 50th milestone birthday, my team wanted to do something special for me to commemorate the occasion. So they interviewed me and then put together a movie of my life’s success path. I love success stories, and watching my own in this way really brought me to tears. I actually laughed, cried Click here to read more.

Do you feel like you’re a jack of all trades or that you’re trying to reach everyone in the world with your products? That has to be tiring, right? It’s also very stressful.  As my client Aesha describes it the pressure and overwhelm she felt, trying to meet the needs of everyone as “adrenal fatigue” Click here to read more.

Do you believe that it’s possible to go from zero business income to bringing in $1mm in just 3 years? Wyvetta did it…and if you let her tell it…it’s was pretty simple to do. Why? Because of the Success Mastery systems. Watch her video now to see exactly what Wyvetta did to go from no Click here to read more.

Let’s face it. You are not entitled to a high income just because you have a law degree, a medical degree or you’re a certified specialist with 20 years experience, etc…None of these things automatically guarantees that you’ll get paid top dollar. For Dr. Jason, he had a dream of being a top paid medical Click here to read more.

What is Success Mastery?

    1. What is Success Mastery? Success Mastery is an online business academy, a virtual training program that empowers you to build your business. My daughter, Ariana, and I are your business coaches. As serial entrepreneurs having founded and run many successful businesses, we have the experience to guide you on your journey to Click here to read more.

We’d been preparing for months. The excitement built with each stop of the Ultimate Success Tour — from Orlando to Los Angeles to NYC to Atlanta. And finally, on July 27-29th it was here — the International Women’s Success Conference! The conference was truly a huge success. Entrepreneurs, business–owners and professionals came from all over Click here to read more.

  I am truly convinced that (most) people settle for far less than what they can actually accomplish or who they are capable of being. I mean, think about this: Is it possible to go from zero business experience and no idea of what you want to do…(just a desire to control your income earning Click here to read more.

Have you ever felt challenged with figuring out how to go from ‘employee’ to entrepreneur? For hair Stylists and other freelancers, it can be a tough line to tow. Should you work in a shop and get a paycheck? Or do you take your career into your own hands, demolish the income cap and start Click here to read more.

You can’t do it alone. Shelly learned this first hand. She was running a successful business, but she was feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and burnt out. She was making money but she lacked consistency in her business, she had no real systems in place and no accountability for her goals. Until she enrolled in Success Mastery. Click here to read more.

We’ve just reached beyond the halfway point this year. If you haven’t crossed at least half of your business goals off your list yet, it’s time to get really intentional so you can begin to see greater levels of manifestation before this year comes to an end. You want to turn this year into a Click here to read more.