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The #1 Ladies Millionaire Maker

How To Become A Money Magnet

Anyone can become a money magnet. There are simple steps that you can take to activate your internal money magnetism and draw it to you easily and consistently. I know this first hand because there was a time in my life when I wanted more money. Not just money to pay my bills…but true abundance, Click here to read more.

Feelings Matter. How you think and feel about money directly affects the growth of your business as well as your overall ability to succeed. When your thoughts, feelings and actions are positive, faith filled and focused in the direction of your dreams, you are ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPPABLE! Likewise, when your thoughts feeling and actions run amuck, Click here to read more.

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram (or any where else for that matter) you’ve seen that I have been in full on celebration mode. The combination of my 50th birthday (see the party here), being honored by L’Oreal (see behind the scenes here), and a bucket list moment of working with Jack Canfield. Click here to read more.

  I really want to help you get the most out of your Success Journal experience, so I decided to show you inside my journal and how I use it to manifest all of my dreams and desires. This year has already been one of big wins and great accomplishments. It all started with me Click here to read more.

The art of celebration in all forms can lift the human spirit, bring honor and tribute for a job well done, gather like minded people around a cause or mark a milestone in one’s life. As you know I am a huge celebrator. I make a special effort to celebrate all wins, birthdays and major Click here to read more.

In the timeliest fashion, I was invited to attend a special luncheon honor 50 women over 50, who are at the #perfectage in life right now. This event took place at the Hearst Tower in New York City, just days before my 50th birthday. The experience felt like the best welcoming party to this new Click here to read more.

Have you ever felt like there’s more to running a successful business than marketing plans, emails and Quicken reports? The paperwork just doesn’t express the complete picture of what really goes into having the freedom based lifestyle that we’re working for. For me, I’ve learned that a great deal of my business success depends on Click here to read more.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of participating in a campaign with Good Housekeeping and L’Oreal Paris. This campaign features 50 of the top women over 50 making an impact in their industry. When I arrived on set I was met by my personal glam team and went straight into wardrobe for fittings. Click here to read more.

I was truly touched reading an email of one of the ladies who attended the last stop of our Ultimate Success Tour this weekend. She expressed how she was so glad that she had driven several hours to be in the live sessions.  “I pushed through to get there because I kept telling myself, ‘There Click here to read more.

I always say Making Money is Easy! But one of the reasons that statement holds true in my life is because I’ve made a commitment to stay optimistic about increase flowing into my personal life and business. When striving for continued success as an entrepreneur one of the most powerful traits you can possess is Click here to read more.

As entrepreneurs we all aspire to succeed and enjoy the freedom based life style that being your own boss provides for you. The specifics of our “Whys” may vary but for the most part the end game for us all is to enjoy healthy, happy, impactful lives where we can provide well for our loved Click here to read more.

There is a big secret to success but it no longer has to be a mystery to you. I believe in divine connections and appointments in life. There is a reason you are reading this blog right here and right now. It’s your divine appointment to receive game changing information that will uplevel your life Click here to read more.