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Box of Success: 5 Hacks of a Highly Productive Boss on the go


Hey busy boss, you’ve got a long to do list, a packed agenda and a big vision to accomplish, plus trips! Thank God you’re the boss and can schedule your day in a way that best suits you, plan trips around your calendar and work on your vision on your schedule. When the world sees you they’re often asking, “How does she do it?” We all know that it takes a lot of effort and the right juice to make it all happen. We may make “bossing” look easy but that comes with a great foundation right?

I always have a lot going on, and my mind is always racing and coming up with new things to add to my list. To keep myself centered, I invest in awesome resources. I realized that you can become so passionate about your work that you neglect what matters most: You. So I created the Box of Success for entrepreneurs who want to stay centered, empowered and inspired by building a better quality of life.

Loving your life and business go hand in hand. Our current Box of Success is the perfect resource to adding more love into your daily living. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite hacks that I developed to get more done while enjoying myself.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Keep your Dreams Alive with the Success Dreams Pillow.

After a long day of work, I retire to my room to wind down and for reflection. Before I get too comfortable and drift off, I grab my Success Dreams pillow and my journal to read and meditate on my current goals and script my life. This pillow case stands out in my room as a reminder to stay on my success ritual to manifest my dreams and goals. It’s easy to fall out on the bed and go fast to sleep, but taking just a few minutes to dream and write your goals nightly makes a big difference in your life.

I’ve been manifesting small and great goals so quickly these last few weeks. The Success Dreams pillow case is my manifestation prompt to stay on task and focus on my target goals every day. Take a little moment to visualize and dream big today. Always remember, your life goes in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Begin and end your day with inspiration.

Power up your bath time experience.

One of the best ways to stay inspired is to use your prep time to power up on information. When I’m in the shower I like to listen to motivational messages. But it can be hard to decipher what’s being said with the water running…right? I was super ecstatic to have found a small Bluetooth, waterproof speaker to bring my motivational messages with me in the shower! Now I can hear everything!

Here’s some of what I like to listen to:

Audio books: I get through so many books by listening to them. If you’ve been having a hard time finishing your self-help book, try getting the audio version and listening to it in the morning or at night.
Empowering programs: a good program can put your mind on the right track for an awesomely productive day.
My daily affirmations: I recorded myself speaking my daily affirmations and listen to them while prepping in the morning. This is a quick way to breeze through an hour of power and positivity.

Set travel goals

Traveling for work is great, but what if you could mix business and pleasure to visit some of your dream destinations? This is what my daughter Ariana did when she created the Travelpreneur Affirmation Cards. It’s a small affirmation card that empowers you to positively affirm and attract your desired trips into your life. Ariana has a passion for international business and travel. She set a goal to gain new international clients as well as book more international business trips. Shortly after setting the goals, new travel offers started flooding in for her. She’s been all over the world lately with no signs of slowing down.

The Travelpreneur Affirmation will inspire you to mix work and play on the go as well. Just choose your destination and put a picture on the card, fill in the blanks on the affirmation and start saying it daily until it manifests. It so easy to do and it only requires a little effort of consistently saying it daily. Soon, you’ll be on your way around the world as well.


Add a little glam to your travel accessories.

There are just a few things that we MUST have while traveling. Most of these items are standard issue with boring colors. I love to spice my travel accessories up with lots of color. Not only does it make them pretty for me to see, but it also makes them stand out while traveling. One can easily spot a fabulous floral and gold passport cover or hot fuchsia earbuds or a carry-on decorated with cool patches. A little punch of color will customize your travel gear and help you stand out in a crowd.

I always keep a pair of pink earbuds with me in my bag when I want to zone out and listen to my own music or audio books or even watch a movie on the plane. The airline provides buds for you but I like having my own ready to go when I need them at anytime. They’re also much easier to spot than a black or white pair. No one ever mistake mine for theirs while traveling.

My latest love (and blogger craze) is the cool patches to add to your laptop bag, carry on luggage, shirt, pant or even your shoes! These little stickers are a traveler’s must-have to stand out on the go. They’re all the rage so a snagged up a ton just for my busy bosses and popped them into the Box of Success.

My limited edition passport cover often attracts new conversations and divine connects on my travels. It’s a great conversational piece and often leads to valuable dialogue with my travel peers. We chat about the passport cover and so much more…affording me the opportunity to connect with someone that I may have missed otherwise. This little beauty was created exclusively for the the Box of Success.

When you travel a lot, adding a punch of color and style is an easy way to keep things interesting. It’s really about the quality of life. Allow yourself to find and admire the beauty in all that you do all the time. After all, you became your own boss to enjoy the beauty of business and life right?

Speak life and love over your business daily

I really cannot express how important it is to use your words to shape your business and life. Words are so powerful and can literally change your environment. I like to keep success quotes, notes and affirmations all around me to keep my casual conversation infused with faith, happiness and success. Included in this Box of Success is a special affirmation that I created entitled “My On the Go Affirmation”. Just one more way to shape your busy life with power.

The good news is that I’ve carefully curated this season’s Box of Success with all the items mentioned here just for you. Just check out this link to grab yours now. There are only a few left (about 30) so get it quick before it’s gone.

I am totally commited to your complete success in business and in life. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information.
That’s why I’ve made these awesome tools available to you, completely FREE.

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  • Aundrea Neely February 11, 2017, 10:05 AM

    I believe presentation and organization is everything in a business. I love bold colors, jewelry, flowers and girly things just like you. Im so happy I found your website and look foward learning and attending your conference or one of your workshops.

    • Stacia Pierce March 7, 2017, 1:49 PM

      Love it Andrea! I can’t wait to meet you in person as well at one of our tour stops or conference.

  • Rheami February 11, 2017, 12:07 PM

    Wow this was an incredible post!! I love how you wind down. It’s so purposeful!!

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