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You Can Do Anything You Want, If You Think You Can

You can do it if you think you can!

Years ago my son wrote a book, “If You Think You Can, You Can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.”

It’s a cute little story about our family and learning how to think positive about accomplishing your goals.

He was about 5 when he wrote this book and I was so touched because I knew he’d really understood what his father and I were trying to teach him.

Anything is possible when you believe..

We hear this all the time right? But you’ll only know how true this statement really is when you step out of your comfort zone, and activate your faith to accomplish a goal.

Will it be easy? Probably not. It will most likely be disappointing at times, uncomfortable and a little scary, but when you keep the faith through it all…you will find sweet victory!

Every. Single. Time.

I got this report the other day and it is just proof of what happens when you believe:

My name is Crystal from Arkansas. I wanted to share with you my testimony about being able to come to the conference this year! I met you in Atlanta a few months ago from the Prosperity Tour and from there my life had been different. I kept telling everyone that I was going to the Success Conference and now I am! At first, I was going to buy my tickets in May, but something came up. I told myself never again will I have to miss out on opportunities of not being in position to take action.

So, I purchased more of the travel cards and got busy on saying the affirmation and pictures. Something you told me in Atlanta was “you need to go to Disney”, well I have never been and I did a travel card for that as well.

On July 4th during your spectacular party you did an awesome special for tickets to the Success Conference. My husband was watching the live video and writing in his journal the 5 tips and we looked at each other and said yes we are going!!!

We purchased our tickets and are bringing two more people with us who I met in the private group! My husband and I booked our room at the resort by faith last week and I wrote in my journal Monday July 2nd that about attending the conference!

On top of it all at the Prosperity Tour we did a $1,000 affirmation and asked God to show us where it was in 30 days. Well, May 19th was the conference and June 17th I was notified of a tax refund of over $1,000 that was due to my husband and I!!! My husband is even learning how to journal! I’m so happy!

I love reading these stories! They are always so exciting to me because I know that when you don’t give up and keep believing things will work out for you.

Here are a few things Crystal did to manifest her goal.

1. She set her intention to attend the Women’s Success Conference.
2. She told herself and others that she was going to attend.
3. She created a goal card of travel and said the affirmation daily.
4. She got her husband in agreement with her.
5. She took fast faith action by booking her room even before she had her tickets.
6. When a new opportunity presented itself, she quickly jumped at it.

This is how you make your dreams come true. Belief plus action will get you great results!

Keep believing when everything around you is begging you to give up. Hold on to the vision in your mind of success. See the end result and hold it until it is finally yours.

One thing I know for sure, whatever you want…wants you too! Everything will align and situations will arise so that you can get what you desire. Once you’ve done all that you can, keep the faith, stay focused and be patient.

It’s happening for you as you read this now.

I’d love to continue this conversation with you in detail at the Women’s Success Conference.

Today is the last day to enjoy an amazing conference special. Bring 4 guests with you for only $97.

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Before you go, declare your success victory in the comments section. I want to get in agreement with you to accelerate your goal success.

See you soon at the Women’s Success Conference.

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