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37 Journaling Secrets for Increase and Success Attraction


      In my 37 Journaling Secrets to Success Attraction Course I’m sharing with you a set of very specific insights, rules of success and action steps that you can use to achieve extreme success that would otherwise be highly unlikely or impossible for you to attain. Whether you’re an author, entrepreneur, schoolteacher, college Click here to read more.

Why Writing Lists is Still Relevant and Important

If you are stressed out and feeling overwhelmed in your life, your business or both, it’s likely that one key element is missing. It’s a method that some consider old-school, but it’s extremely important: list-writing. Most of us understand the usefulness of lists under certain circumstances. We never go to the grocery store without a Click here to read more.

7 Ways to Become a Relevant Leader in your Industry


  To continuously grow your business, gain new clients and stay ahead in your industry, you must stay relevant. Remaining relevant is the most pertinent way to stay afloat and rise above the masses. Give your clients and customers a reason to choose you over the competition every time. Relevancy in business is two-fold. You Click here to read more.

Dress for Success


  Your personal appearance has a great affect on your income opportunities, just like your corporate brand image does.  You have to consistently keep your image fresh to continue to grow your business. This is especially true when you have the privilege of working at home. Just because you work at home, doesn’t mean you Click here to read more.

8 Business Journaling Keys for Clarity of Purpose and Profits

Many people are aware that keeping a journal can be a beneficial practice. Psychologists have shown through research that journaling improves our mental health. You might be under the impression though, that journaling is all about ‘Dear Diary’ entries. The fact is that journaling can be just as beneficial for your business as it is Click here to read more.

What are Your Travel Dreams?

Imagine yourself as an exceptionally posh, globe-trotting diva. Your conversation is full of adventure and you exude a well-bred confidence which intrigues everyone with whom you chat. Your style is impeccable and your beauty cosmopolitan. Who’s that girl? Well, it could be you! You can achieve this transformation by setting your sights on becoming well-traveled. Click here to read more.

10 Reasons People Hire a Success Coach


Have you ever considered your situation and wondered why some people, with seemingly similar intelligence, resources and background can accomplish their goals and make real advancements, while you feel left behind? Do you have big dreams and big goals, but you feel like there’s a missing element to bridge between where you are now, and Click here to read more.