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APPLE’s iBook Author, New tool for Entrepreneurs to Easily Create Media Rich ebooks [GUIDE]

Last week Apple unveiled its free ebook creator, iBook Author, While the reviews are mixed, I’m pretty excited for the potential benefits for entrepreneurs looking to finally get published.  

With iBooks Author you can create an interactive ebook complete with video, photo galleries and web data and more.  It’s a mix of Pages and iMovie for book publishing.  It’s a great new way for author-entrepreneurs to bring the latest in interactive resources and entertainment in your info-based products.

And, the best part is you don’t have to be a genius to get it done. Apple products are always quite simple to use.  And iBooks Author is no different. With its drag and drop capabilities you can drop text, photos, videos, and more right into the template layouts using widgets.  

The ease of use of this new application makes it really easy for you to create and publish your ebook in just a matter of days. (As long as you already have the content written of course).

 Now what does this mean for you, the Author/entrepreneur?

Well, for starters you can get your ebook distributed through iBooks, which is good.  Having your e-books distributed through major digital distributers adds some credibility to your name and your product. Whether it’s free or paid it can benefit you greatly.

Think of the possibilities….

 Interactive magazine with video of your latest projects, promotions right on display.

 You can also add information from your website into your ebook for cross-referencing as well.

 Your free ebook resource can also include multi-media additions such as photo albums and instructional videos.

 Some people concerned about Apple’s EULA (End User License Agreement), claiming that Apple will have full rights to your product if you create it using the iBooks Author.

 Some of the alarming headlines include Mashable’s “Apple owns your work with iBooks Author” and Huffington Post’s “iBooks Author Requires Selling Original Books Through iBook store, Says Apple’s Controversial Contract” among many others.

Under its current restrictions you can only give the ebook away for free on your website OR if you choose to sell it, you can only sell it in apple iBooks.  For more clarity, Apple is not staking claim to your creative content, they’re just only allowing you to SELL the EBOOK that you created in iBooks Author through the apple store.

But honestly, it’s not as awful as they’re making it out to be.  The basic thought is this: you can only use iBooks Author free services to create a product to sell in iBooks. 

The other limitation for now is that iBook is only available for iPads using Apple’s new iBooks 2 application. The good news is that there are over 65 million iPad owners out there. I think there’s a market share for your services, don’t you?

I tested the new program out by creating a FREE how-to user-friendly guide to iBooks Author for the non-techy entrepreneur looking to break into the multimedia, interactive ebook market. It’s free, and has most of the multimedia capabilities in it.

It only took one day to make….so that should tell you how easy working with iBooks Author can really be. If you own an iPad, then please download the file and put it on your iPad and share your thoughts.  I want to know if you would create your own ebook using iBooks Author anytime soon? Do you like having the multimedia rich ebooks? I want to hear from you so check it out and leave a comment! 

 iPad owners, Click here to download your free iBooks Author Guide.

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