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7 Steps to Decluttering Your Mind for Clarity and Confidence

Cheerful young woman with eyeglasses sitting on desk, writing notes and holding a cup of coffee. As background tall windows, desk with computer and seat.

When you’re ready for more opportunities, more money, new relationships or the next level in your career you should clear the clutter in your life so that you can think clearly and attract what you want.

Clutter is a distraction that physically and mentally blocks you from getting what you want. Often times it’s hard to focus when you have clutter all around you nagging at your subconscious. Cluttered thinking causes frustration, confusion and stagnation. It hinders you from moving forward and confidently knowing where to place your attention in order to get your desired results. It kills momentum and if left unchecked can drag you into a deep hole of darkness and depression.

On the other hand, creating order in your life will boost your confidence, increase your productivity, prosperity and your creativity and most importantly give you a peace of mind. I have 7 actions that you can apply right now to keep your mind clear and confident as you progress in your business and life.

1. Clear the chaos physically around you to calm your mind. The things that are around you are speaking to you all the time. It is hard to have a clear mind when your home is cluttered. Take time to clean and organize your home. It is the first and most crucial step to creating peace of mind and prosperity in your life.

  • Clear your pantry. An organized pantry can help you feel better about your eating habits.
  • Clear your refrigerator. A clean one will speak to you. You’ll feel more energized and motivated when you are looking inside of a clean, orderly ice box.
  • Unpack your boxes, they exude transition and limbo living. If you’ve just moved or you’ve intended to get rid of some things, get the boxes out. Unpack your boxes or send them on to their final destination.
  • Laundry…put it away! Go through and put away your laundry asap. Take the time to create order in your closets. Your image is key to your daily confidence. An orderly closet space is necessary in order to feel good about yourself.
  • Clean your bathroom. Thoroughly clean the spaces that you’ve turned a blind eye to. Once it is all clean, commit to daily wipe downs to maintain the cleanliness and order.
  • Clean your purse. It’s easy to pile stuff into your purse to the point that it becomes too cluttered. A cluttered purse can weigh you down physically and mentally. Clear out the dirt crumbs, receipts, etc. Bring order to your wallet and organize your money. Clear the change out of your purse, cash it in and then deposit the money into the bank.

These are just a few areas. Take a walk through your home and list all of the areas that need cleaning. If doing this project alone seems overwhelming, hire someone to deep clean for you. In most cases it will only cost about $100 or less for someone to clean your home top to bottom (that’s money well-spent).

Chambermaid changing bed linen on the bed in a hotel room

Order precedes increase. I have a daily routine that brings order to my day so that I can always think clear. My daily routine keeps my mind from being cluttered:

I do my morning pages of free writing.


Listen to an hour of an inspirational program while I get dressed.

I take a moment to write based on ideas that come to me while listening to the audio. At this point I am creating a list of things that I want to accomplish.

I make up my bed.

I vacuum my bedroom and bathroom floor.

I empty my trash.

I wipe down counters and take all towels to the laundry room.

Now, with a clean bathroom I take a deep breath and say aloud my affirmations that are on my mirror.

This is my morning routine that keeps my mind clear and confident as I go about my day.

2. Be still. By this I mean quiet your mind for clarity. Often times when your mind is cluttered you can become stalled. However, being stalled is NOT the same as being still. In quietness and confidence is your strength.

Spend time thinking and meditating. In stillness, shut down the clutter in your mind. Stop focusing on what’s wrong, deliberately turn your attention to what is right. Think thoughts of peace that will allow you to calm yourself: running water, beaches, a walk in the woods. Mentally picture yourself in a calm place. Once you’ve calmed your mind, turn your thoughts to ideas of plenty—how you can bring increase into your life.


3. Brain dump. Freehand write to clear your mind of all the nagging thoughts that have come to you. Every thought that makes you feel antsy, worried, or otherwise. Confusion comes when you try to sort through your thoughts while they are still in your head.

Journaling is an amazing practice to help you organize your thoughts. Many people keep things in their head and have a cluttered mind of missed appointments, deadlines, nagging to-do items and so much more. Our mind hoards unfinished business, it wants you to complete the things you said you would. By organizing your thoughts, you will feel more relaxed and prepared for your day. Take time daily, in the morning or evening to write using the brain dump technique. Write every thought that comes to mind for about 10-15minutes. Then go back and review what you’ve written. Organize.

4. Set an intention for only three things that you will focus on. Clarity will bring about a list of areas that you’d want to conquer to bring order into your life. However, you can’t do it all at once…this method will only keep you in a state of confusion. Instead focus on just three areas that you will wholeheartedly put your energy and attention into until you’ve gotten success.

What do you want to come out of, overcome, fix or do in your life right now?

You can write these out in your Success Journal or use the worksheet I provided.

Once you’ve made the list of three, write a complete vision surrounding each area. This is important because it will cause you to follow through. Take a moment to write an action plan and vision of what success looks like in each of the areas.  Add pictures, words, a narrative of how to get it done. And put this paper up where you can see it often.

While you are working on the three areas, other things will open up for you. These new opportunities will align with what you are doing in the moment and compliment your efforts.

5. Ask God for insight on what to do. Then write down what comes to you. Everything will not come to you in the moment, so you will need to take practical action in the right direction.

Research for more insight on how to accomplish your goals. You may need to get training or read a book to put you on the right path. Whatever you do, don’t stand around waiting for something to happen. You will get more clarity and confidence while taking action.

One of my clients wanted to launch a new product but was bogged down with bills and debt. She was getting discouraged because she couldn’t see her way out of her situation. After taking the Money-Making Manifestation course, she had the information needed to manifest more money in her business and life. Within two days of implementing what she was learning, she generated $3000 in profits. Now she’s excitedly seeing more and more clarity and money flowing in her life.

Hand releasing balloons with house, car and heart symbols.

6. Release. Let go of anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back. When you find yourself obsessing over how you’ll accomplish your goals, you block channels from coming to you. Obsessive thoughts lead to ungratefulness because you’re focused on only one thing, instead of the many blessings that are coming to you daily. Keep a gratitude list of the good that happens and release your greatest desires to God, allowing him to make it happen for you. Say this: I fully release and let go and allow God to bring about my goals and intentions in perfection to my purpose and destiny. I am open to all avenues of rich blessings and opportunities that come my way!

Another client often obsessed over how she’d get things done. It was wearing her down, trying to do everything in her own will. It wasn’t until she started journaling more–specifically writing down what she was grateful for in her Success Journal–that she started to release and allow God to move in her life.

7. Be ready. You’ll know when you’re ready for great accomplishments and opportunities because your level of expectancy will be high. Ready people are happy people. Everything about you is happy. The attitude of expectancy is devoid of depression and sadness. There’s a sound, look, walk and gesture of confidence, happiness and joy. When you are ready, everything in your whole life stands up and says I’m ready! Keep a watch out for something good to pop up in your favor at any moment!


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  • Ragina Smith December 9, 2016, 3:55 PM

    Love this! I definitely going to try the Brain Dump. I often have a mass of thoughts in my head on a daily basis. This is a great way to get them on paper.

  • Jamelle Sanders December 11, 2016, 6:54 PM

    Dr. Stacia this is invaluable. It’s amazing the breakthroughs that occur in our lives when we establish order.

  • Brandi Sharp December 20, 2016, 2:32 AM

    Excited to be following your leadership during this season. Can’t wait to work more closely with you this upcoming season.

    • Stacia Pierce January 2, 2017, 12:47 PM

      Love it Brandi! Would love to see you at one of our Success Tour stops and our Women’s Conference in July.

  • Lucille February 12, 2017, 10:40 PM

    Brain dump is a great idea. Thanks for the tip!

  • Jacqueline April 25, 2017, 9:31 PM

    This article is speaking to me… Thank you… Getting rid of the clutter from January move…

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