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7 Reasons to Grab Your Seat and Discover the Hidden Money in Your Business at the Prosperity Tour

You are sitting on a goldmine.  There is more money to be made with what’s already in your hands…well or maybe in your head. You already know that you should be doing more, making more and getting more recognition for your ideas, wisdom, expertise, new products, inventions, that family recipe, your system for doing xyz–or whatever it may be.   In fact, it’s been tugging at you and sometimes even keeping you up at night.  So it’s time to make your plans to come see Ariana and I on tour so that we can give you a big hug and show you how to prosper more than ever before in 2018.

First the facts: We. Sell. Out. Every year, every stop, every seat.  So procrastination is just not an option if you want to find your money and jump start your year of unlimited success.  The 2018 Entrepreneurs Prosperity Tour is fresh, new and my open book to show you, and all your fellow boss babes, exactly what it takes to stop leaving money on the table, make the big bucks (and keep them rolling in)!

So today I’m counting down the top seven reasons to grab your seat(s) to the Orlando Prosperity Tour Stop and discover the hidden increase you’ve been looking for.
7. It’s Your Turn
Yes that’s right -You’re up next. It’s time for you to discover how to really make the money you deserve and create the life you’ve been dreaming of.  It’s YOUR TURN and YOUR TIME to find out where your increase has been hiding, so you can truly succeed and prosper. You’ve been so supportive of your friends and loved ones– putting your dreams on the back burner time and time again; but it’s your turn now-I have secrets to share with you, you’re ready for them now so let’s talk face to face.

Did you miss the tour last year for (fill in the blank) whatever reason, saw all of the testimonies and have been kicking yourself ever since? Don’t worry it’s water under the bridge–It’s your turn NOW! Be the next success story!

If all this is brand new to you and you’re just hearing about the tour, welcome.  Here’s what a few other attendees said about their time with us last year:
6. You Owe You
So over “the struggle is real” scenario? Ready to keep your cash flow consistent?
Or, have you done well, but you keep hitting a wall or an income rut and are trying to fight your way out to make six-seven figures?  This year, Ariana and I are going to give you the specific strategies and practices that will help you unfold new streams of income.   You’ve been trying to decode the mystery to increasing your income, in 2018 the wait is over. You owe it to yourself to really get away this time and get the answers that you need to prosper. Besides…if not now, when?

5. For an Awakening
Attending live events like the Orlando Prosperity Tour that are specific to your life goals, really opens you up to what is really possible for your life and business. God put you on this earth for a reason – and your provision is tied to that reason. During the tour, we will help you get crystal clear on why you are here and uncover new channels of provision for your life. Every time we hit the stage, Ariana and I will give our all to show you how to tap into your money making potential and unlimited opportunities.  You need to be there so you can wake up to what’s possible!

4. Meaningful Connections
The right connections can unlock the hidden treasures in your everyday life and business affairs.  Ariana and I want to connect with you and help you build the life and business you’ve been dreaming about. When I was coming up in the business world I went to my share of conferences that gave life changing info, but felt cold and disconnected. That’s why I created the Entrepreneur’s Prosperity Tour.  It’s a one day intensive, full to the brim with game-changing, money making information; wrapped in a colorful, joyful, welcoming environment. Come gather with girls that want to impact the world in a big way. Network with like-minded lady entrepreneurs that won’t settle for less. It will be a heart-warming day full of great coaching, and meaningful connections as you become a part of something much bigger!

3. Incredible Content
We always over deliver. You’ll expand your mind and your marketing efforts. When you exit the doors from the Orlando Prosperity tour, you’ll have a better understanding of where your increase has been hiding and what steps to take next to add more money to your bank account. Market fresh and divinely inspired business insight will be served throughout the day. –And rumor has it that last year’s worksheets and handouts were worth the cost alone. Some attendees changed their income by simply completing the assignments Ariana and I gave out during the sessions. No fluff here, this is a life changing day!

2. Have Fun -yes it’s a thing. Yes, the content is a game changer. Yes, you will network and make incredible connections with like-minded boss babes. Yes, you will get the answers you deserve to find out where your money is hiding and up level your life and business. Yes, Yes, Yes! It’s your turn to win and win big! But you know what? You also need to enjoy the journey so we’ll have fun! We will celebrate. We will cheer. We will unapologetically declare and discover how to make more money throughout the year—that’s a promise! Issa party-be there!

1. It’s a no brainer
Why? For the last six reasons…PLUS! I decided to do something ridiculous today just so you have absolutely no excuses—consider this my early Christmas gift to you. For the next 5 days the tour tickets which are normally $97 per person are NOW 3 for $97! You can bring yourself and two guests to any stop for only $97. This is a friend and family affair so you and your guests must attend the same stop. Flash sale prices are good for every city.  You’re welcome 🙂

Ariana and I can’t wait to see you- Orlando is our home so you know we’re going to kick things off in epic fashion, so join us and start the year right! Remember, it’s your turn-don’t let anything get in your way of joining us this year! You can change your life in a day. This is your one-day turn around. See you in Orlando—or whichever city you choose today!


Hey! before you go…You know I so love to hear from you and I want to make sure that we answer you most burning business questions every step of the way. So please comment below. Do you feel like increase has been hiding from you? Where do you need help to prosper in your business? Where do you fall short or struggle? What are your fears? I want to hear your heart so Ariana and I can help!

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