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5 Reasons You Need to Getaway to Tune In to Your Business

As entrepreneurs and leaders, it’s important to leave your comfort zone and retreat to a new atmosphere. It is easy to engage in all work and no play. Yet, if you want to grow a thriving successful business, consider getting away at least four times a year to gain new information, meet new people and be inspired.

In my experience, my greatest business breakthroughs have happened when I stepped away from the business and attended a life-changing event. Years ago during the most difficult time in my business, I was searching for answers and direction. Naturally, I spend time alone meditating and focusing, trying to tune in and get an answer. But the only thing that stood out to me was an ad to an event. I felt drawn to it and knew I needed to be there.

That event was a real game-changer for me. In just a few days, I made the right connections, heard the right information that I needed and as a result I started going in the right direction for my business and things went WAY UP!

My takeaway from that moment: Sometimes instead of pulling back and getting alone to tune in, you may need to show up somewhere. Your answers, ideas and the people you need for this next phase of your journey is waiting for you at that event.

This kind of success happens when you take time to get away and tune into your business. You stop working in your business long enough to work on your business.

When Overere came to the Women’s Success Conference he discovered his business needed fine-tuning in order to go to the next level. As he tuned into the sessions, he wrote page after page of notes in his journal. He was so excited to finally get unstuck and move forward in his business. He could hardly contain his excitement. As a result of what he learned during the sessions, he said his eyes were open to a whole new level of business marketing and management.

He had tried several times to tune in to find the answers he needed to scale his business. For him the answer was attending the conference with his wife. He thought he was coming just to support her but being there changed his life and his business.

He left that event and revamped  his business. Within the first few months, he added 6-10k extra into his monthly income. In a conversation at our mastermind, he expressed that the conference opened him up to a whole new way of marking his business. He was making good money but felt tied to his business with little free time and not much organization. The business only made money when he was in it. He wanted more leverage so that he could expand. Being at the conference, he made the right connections and learned new systems and now his business has grown exponentially.

He was so glad he took time off to getaway so that he could figure out how to fix his business.

When was the last time you slowed down and tuned into your business? Have you been wanting to assess your needs and get clear about new strategies? Oftentimes your gut instinct has been nudging you to take a closer look at what’s going on. Maybe it’s telling you it’s time for some adjustments.

Pay attention to the warning and plan a getaway so that you can free up your time long enough to process, reprogram and plan your next steps.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m a huge advocate of planning your life on paper. Journaling is a game changer. All the greats from Oprah to the Rockefellers, all use journals for vision casting, dreaming, goal setting and future planning.

This year, at the Women’s Success Conference, we’re adding in more space for you to explore your vision. We’ll have in-tune moments where we harness the power of the moment to envision our next steps…to become clear about our goals and layout a real plan of action so that it manifests.

A change of venue offers new perspective. A new outlook sparks your creativity and free you up to manifest big things.

Sherri was in the midst of a major life transition…she was living with her daughter, going through a divorce and had no idea what she would do next with her life. After the first few conference sessions, she got an idea to generate $5000 quickly. At the break, Sherri made one phone call to get the ball rolling. In only a few hours she had made the $5000 and the money was being deposited into her account. She shared how her mind was flooded with new ideas and inspiration after sitting in the session. It gave her a new outlook and as a result, new ideas formed. Sherri had been feeling low…she wasn’t even sure about coming to the event but her daughter insisted. It turned about to be just the event she needed to bounce back!

There’s something special about being around a large group of excited, hungry, focused business owners who want to win. That kind of energy is contagious!

As a conference host and event attendee, I value educational getaways. I really make the most of the moment by getting all the packages, networking, taking lots of notes and bringing my assistant along with me so that we’re able to take fast action.

When I plan my conference, it is with you in mind. The entire weekend is designed to awaken your senses, to inspire you, support you and provide a safe zone to be yourself! We’re here to help you manifest freedom in your business.

I would love to have you join us at the Women’s Success Conference.

Here’s what you can expect when you arrive…

  1. Concentrated focus on training. The conference is your opportunity to completely remove yourself from your business and the pressures of your everyday life to get inspired, invigorated and empowered to take your business and life to a new level. You can finally just soak up new information without any distractions.
  2. Clarity. The clouds fade and the fuzziness disappears right in the sessions. All of sudden you’ll have an aha moment that was just the revelation you need to move in a certain direction.
  3. Networking. It’s not too often that you come together with a concentrated number of industry professionals for several days. You’ll have access to thinkers and doers. Often, you’ll engage in one conversation that changes your life forever.
  4. Sparked Creativity and Inspired ideas. When you attend our conference, you’ll walk into a colorful oasis of inspiration: exciting displays, décor and dramatic moments that spark your creativity. From place settings and goodie bags, elaborate room accents and performances, there’s so much to inspire you. It is our intention to wake up your creativity and get you think grand thoughts of success.
  5. You’ll be empowered to take fast action. The right information powered with a push to implement produces amazing results fast. Workshops provide opportunities for you to act on what you’ve learned. Those that do always get great results instantly. It’s an amazing thing to see people discover purpose, launch a business and gain clients all in one weekend. Many attendees have learned a new technique in the morning, implemented immediately and by evening have generated new revenue.

Jeramy set an intention to manifest an extra $22K in his business. He tuned in during the sessions, followed the instructions in the session and within a few hours the money came in.

When you test what you learn and get results, you walk away confidently knowing you’ve made a great investment.

I invite you to join us at the Women’s Success Conference. We’re providing you with the perfect atmosphere to tune into your business, engage in growth and manifest everything you want.

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  • Latoya June 29, 2018, 7:41 PM

    Thank you for the reminder And encouragement to retreat for a refreshing so we can do our business more diligently!

    • Stacia Pierce July 2, 2018, 10:21 AM

      You can’t work hard when you’re burned out! There always has to be a time when you step away to be refreshed and re-equipped so you can come back with new ideas!

  • Deshonda June 30, 2018, 11:47 PM

    I think its great

    • Stacia Pierce July 2, 2018, 10:20 AM

      Absolutely! A getaway is always a great time to get some relaxation in as well as business improvements!